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BBC ALBA’s ‘Hungry for change’ investigates Scotland’s obesity crisis

On Monday 20th June at  21.00 BBC ALBA airs Trusadh – Hungry for Change / Acrach airson Atharrachadh, a documentary examining Scotland’s present and growing obesity crisis.

This has become a major health issue with 65% of the population overweight or obese – and worse in the Western Isles, where no less than 74% of the population is affected. The programme tries to discover why obesity levels are now so high.

For some, being overweight has been an issue since childhood; whilst for others it has come later in life and for many different reasons. Either way, obesity comes with a spectrum of health risks.

The programme features a number of people who have struggled or are struggling with their weight, and explores the different ways that people are trying to make a change and lose weight – from diets, to life style changes, and even surgery. For some, it’s not as easy to do something about it as many might think.

During the programme we meet Donald Macinnes [top], originally from South Uist, who gained weight after a series of family bereavements. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, he decided to do something about it.  Since joining the Scottish Slimmers’ group in Stornoway ,Donald has managed to lose in excess of four stones, and in the process has reversed his Type 2 Diabetes, remaining determined to reach his goal of a healthy weight and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Siobhan MacDonald copyAlso featured is Siobhan Macdonald [left] who, at the age of 24, weighed almost 24 stones and who decided to take drastic action to reduce her weight.  She underwent a gastric sleeve operation reducing the size of her stomach to a fraction of what it had been.  Since the operation Siobhan has lost over 10 stones and is still working towards her ideal weight of 11 stones.

Hungry for Change is a revealing look at the modern day difficulties of obesity and the challenges people face as a society.

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