And Green wastes no time

Elected to Argyll and Bute Council only hours ago, to represent the people of Oban North and Lorn, Kieron Green has already written to the Leaders of non-party aligned groups of councillors and to Councillor RoddyMcCuish who Chairs the Area Committee for Oban LOrnand the Isles.

He has told them:

‘As the newly elected Councillor for Oban North and Lorn, I am keen to start work as soon as possible on delivering on my key pledges made during the recent election campaign.

These are:

  • to protect front line services;
  • to listen to local people;
  • to encourage investment;
  • to support more affordable housing.’

Mr Green goes on to say that as of now, he has made no final decision on which group, if any, the may join and support within the council.

His purpose is to invite any of the non-party-based groups to consider if his election pledges match their own direction of travel in the council and, if so, should they see his potential membership as strengthening their group , to  make contact with him to discuss possible ways forward together.

This is immediate proof that Kieron Green is a serious politician with serious and focused intent.

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