Musical chairs at Argyll and Bute Council, following the salvage of the Costa Sneddonia

For Argyll has been sent a copy of an email circulated by the suprise – and, to many, shocking – new appointee to the Chief Executive position at Argyll and Bute Council, Clelend Sneddon.

The email announces the internally and cynically predicted promotion to Acting Executive Director of Community Services  one of the five highest ranking posts in the council] of the previous Head of Education Services, Anne Marie Knowles.

This promotion – to the senior post Mr Sneddon himself had, until recently, occupied – seems, to some at least, almost as controversial as Mr Sneddon’s own. The Sneddon email came to us under the pseudonym of ‘Anne Marie Know It All’.

The email reads:

‘I write to confirm the temporary management arrangements for Community Services pending decisions on recruitment. From Wednesday 1st June, Ann Marie Knowles currently Head of Education Services will assume the role of acting Executive Director of Community Services and I have asked her to consequently consider arrangements for an Acting Head of Education to be made. Further advice on these arrangements will be shared once they have been made.

‘I would hope you will welcome Ann Marie into the acting position and I look forward to supporting her in the role.


‘Cleland Sneddon’

Note: the title above refers to the nickname For Argyll attached to Cleland Sneddon during his epic destruction of the credibility of Argyll and  Bute Council’s education department when he was Director of Education in the ‘School Wars’ of 2010-11. He led the department – and the Council he now heads – to national comic status as he lost two successive mighty series of proposed major school closures [one of 26 schools and the second attempt, of 12 schools]. He lost the closures because his closure proposal papers were – twice – proven to be incompetent and dangerously flawed. During that time, the cruise ship, the Costa Concordia , was wrecked, with 32 fatalities, on a reef inshore of Italy’s isle of Giglio. Its captain, Francesco Schettino, who had also been showing off in a close inshore ‘fly past’ without attention to the chart data – was jailed for manslaughter, causing a maritime accident and abandoning ship – and has just had his sentence upheld on appeal.

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  • Mrs Knowles has had serious problems with a number of allegations of bullying levelled against her. Interesting choice! Very little real interest in education so ideally suited for promotion.

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    Citizen M June 3, 2016 7:03 pm Reply

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