Oban lifeboat assist to yacht aground near Isle of Torsa

Just after 16:30 yesterday, 31st May 2016, the Oban lifeboat launched to a ‘Pan Pan’ call from a yacht aground at Ardinamir at the south of the Isle of Torsa, shortly after high water. Torsa is one of the Slate Isles, situated east of the Isle of Luing.

The lifeboat made best speed to the area and arrived at 17:15 to find that the yacht was also being given assistance by two local RIB’s and another yacht in an attempt to get her towed off and refloated.

The lifeboat’s XP boat was sent into the anchorage with two of the olunteer crew and an assessment then was made to leave the vessel and await the next high tide to refloat her.

During the attempted tow off by one of the local RIBs its engine overheated and it requested a tow from the lifeboat to Easdale, en-route to Oban.

At 23.00 Oban lifeboat was launched again to ensure the vessel was safe on refloating.  The refloat came at 00:30 and the yacht in question was secured next to another boat.

After checking all was well, the lifeboat was free to return to station and was ready again for service at 14:15, almost ten hours after the initial call for assistance was received.

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