Live on Scottish Election Night

For Argyll will be reporting and commenting through the night and into the morning on evolving results in the 2016 Scottish election  – 5th-6th May.

We will have updates from the local Argyll & Bute count and from the count in Shetland.

Here in Argyll & Bute the question is whether the Liberal Democrat candidate and former MP for the area, Alan Reid, can shake uo the SNP’s Michael Russell who is tipped as the next Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament. One related mystery here is why the Liberal Democrats have only placed Alan Reid third on their Highlands and Islands Regional List. This seems wilfully wasteful of a valuable political experience.

One of the big questions of the night is being asked in Shetland. It is whether long time local MSP and former Liberal Democrat leader, Tavish Scott, can hang on in the face of a determined SNP effort to replace him with their own candidate, 75 year old Danus Skene.

Mr Skene stood in the combined Orkney and Shetland constituency in the 2015 UK General Election and succeeded in taking the Shetland component to the SNP, with the Liberal Democrat majority in Orkney just about enough to keep Alastair Carmichael in his seat.

The question is can Mr Skene pull off the Shetland win again in an election where the Liberal Democrats’ Tavish Scott’s local origin carries greater weight?

In Orkney there is the real possibility that the impact of its Liberal Democrat MP, Alastair Carmichael’s smearing of Nicola Sturgeon during the UK General election of 2015 may have damaged the party’s local prospects and see the once strongest Liberal Democrat seat in the country go to the SNP.

We’ll simply be posting timed updates from ourselves and from our various correspondents, starting off with a rumour from Glasgow that Labour may well have lost all of its seats in the city. If this proves correct, it will strengthen the Scottish Conservative hopes of kicking Labour back into third place.

Also, if this is correct, it will  not augur well for the other local interest here – where the very able Jackie Baillie can hang on for Labour in Dumbarton, which includes the Argyll & Bute ward of Helensbugh and Lomond.

There are also indications that turnout may not be particularly energetic in some constituencies.

Readers staying up for the night like us are invited to post their own comments on proceedings at will, below this running commentary.

BBC Scotland has Il Magnifico himself in the Studio and it has to  be said that Alex Salmond has lost none of his boorishness for being reduced to the ranks. He has just shouted down former Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, who was being open and reasonable – in what is supposed to be a panel of pundits and not a hustings.

A comic moment in the early hour of the BBC Scotland broadcast for the night was Political Editor Brian Taylor, stumping off camera without warning, in a strunt because the display widget on which he was calling up less than riveting material sent him a curve ball.

And its just the start of a long night. Results should start coming in sometime after midnight – and the Regional List results will  not start to be known until around 7am.

12.30 6th May:

Tavish Scott said to be polling well in Shetland and is tipped to increase his majority. That will be a major disappointment for the SNP, if it proves the outcome.

Brussels can’t be a healthy place to work – or maybe its down to those famously fat expenses, but a very bloated looking SNP MEP, Alyn Smith, has just said that it will be a fantastic achievement if the SNP win a historic third term and a second majority. He’s clearly talking down expectations [as is the party] so that they can ramp up the triumphalism afterwards. Everyone knows they’re going to storm the vote.


Liam McArthur holds Orkney for the Liberal Democrats. His vote was up 32%,  taking 7,096 votes to the SNP candidate, Donna Heddle’s 2,562. He increased his majority to 4,500 from 860 in 2011 – and has seen a swing of 16% to the LDs from the SNP.


SNP take Rutherglen for Labour with a swing of 9% – at 15,222 votes to 11,479. The Scottish Conservatives increased their vote and their percentage of the vote from 2011 – up 3.3%. Turnout was up by 6.8%.


There’s a lot of chat about the Labour campaign and the Labour leadership. One Labour candidate, Thomas Docherty, has openly slammed the campaign. Party apparatchiks are  Docherty and saying loyal things, seeming to have pre-agreed to describe Kezia Dugdale’s campaign as ‘courageous’. This smacks of Yes Minister’s Sir Humphrey telling his Minister/Prime Minister, Jim Hacker, that specific decisions of which he disapproved would be ‘brave’.


John Lamont for the Conservatives is said to have held the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire seat – saying that the Liberal democrat vote has disappeared and he hopes to benefit from that.


Ayr is said to be a two horse race between the Conservatives and the SNP.


Turnout across the board appears to be up – although not at the level of the May 2015 UK General election – and some Glasgow constituencies are said to have a lowish turnout, with Glasgow Maryhill likely to be the lowest.


Latest rumour is that Eastwood, which Labour’sKen Mackintosh is defending –  is looking like a Conservative/SNP contest. Since Macintosh had wheeled in Labour’s Blairite thug, Alastair Campbell, to help boost his chances, this looks as if, at long last, the currency of the damaging Blairite regime is on the way out.


Brian Taylor has just wrongly said that in 2011 Alex Salmond had the biggest percentage of the vote in the Scottish election [in Aberdeenshire East]. Il Magnifico had one of the best percentages at 64.5% – but that didn’t come near the real winning percentage of his colleague, Stewart Stevenson, in Banffshire and Buchan Coast – at 67.2%.


Argyll & Bute now counting but no results expected until 4.30 to 5am. Word is Conservatives are doing very well on the List.


SNP hold Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse with a substantial increase of 14.28% in their vote. The story is again that the Conservative vote is up – by 119.7% – a good result; and that the Labour vote is 14.86% down.


Tavish Scott holds Shetland with increased majority on 7440 votes [a 66.74% rise on last time out at 4462 ] – a disappointing result for a determined SNP campaign with Danus Skene more than doubling the SNP vote [124.4%] but  only getting to 2545. The Orkney and Shetland results appear to show a very necessary revival of the Liberal Democrat vote – at least in their traditional heartland.


Major triumph for Scottish Conservatives – a swing of 6% from SNP to the Conservatives seeing the party’s deputy leader, Jackson Carlaw, take the Eastwood seat from Labour with 12,932 votes, n a three way contest with the SNP in second place with 11,321 and Labour’s Ken Mackintosh with 11,081 pushed back into third place.


A major victory for the SNP’s resident piper, Stuart Macmillan, who has taken the Greenock and Inverclyde seat at the third time of asking, with a 14% swing from Labour to the SNP.


The SNP have held East Kilbride with a swing of 13% from Labour. The SNP has also held Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley , with 19,047 votes, to Labour’s 7,853 and the Conservatives’ 6,597.


News from Shetland. the SNP’s losing Danus Skene is said to have made a magnanimous speech in the wake of Tavish Scott’s triumphant hold of the seat – but Skene’s compatriots did not behave as well. The SNP cohort evidently sat sullenly apart in one corner of the hall, applauding nothing but their own man’s speech. They were so confident of winning that their Facebook page – which runs a cat called Buster who makes predictions and who had predicted an SNP win – was promised a bowl of cream for his accuracy by the webmaster when the result came through.

In Orkney, the SNP candidate, Donna Heddle was evidently so sure of winning that she was looking for constituency offices.

These two failures to take the Liberal Democrat seats will hit the SNP hard,. particularly when the LDs have strengthened their positions.


Scottish Conservatives hold Ayr, with John Scott taking 16,183 votes, the SNP in second with 15,433, Labour in third with 5,283 and the Liberal Democrats in fourth with 716.


Corking win for Liberal Democrats – with a gain from the SNP in NE Fife, party leader Willie Rennie has taken the seat with 14,920, ahead of the SNP with 11,463, the Scottish Conservatives with 5,646 and Labour in fourth place with 2.026. This is a swing of 9% from the SNP to the Liberal Democrats.


Labour’s Iain Gray has held on in East Lothian and with an increased majority – which will disappoint the SNP who had been certain of taking the seat.


The general pattern of the night is that the SNP are not creaming the vote as expected. They are doing respectably well but are seeing their vote fall in several seats. This is going to be a good night for the SNP – o.4% up on the night so far – but not what party leader, Nicola Sturgeon had hoped to see. They will probably get their majority but not on the constituency seats alone. There will be food for thought in this.

The Labour vote is routinely falling – down 8.8% on the night so far.

The Liberal Democrats are doing very much better than expected. up 1.4% overall so far.

The story of the night is the Scottish Conservatives progress – 8% up so far and looking as if they might well push Labour into second place. They have been taking vote share off both Labour and the SNP.


Another BIG story – in Perthshire North, Deputy First Minister,  John Swinney has held the seat with a reduced majority, with a vote of 16,520 – AND with the Scottish Conservatives’ Murdo Fraser in second place again – but this time taking his vote from 7,886 in 2011 to 13,190 – a hike of 80.39%.


The Aberdeenshire East result is a hold for the SN although with a predictably reduced majority since Il Magnifico stepped down. The surprise again – was that the Conservatives took second place with a vote up from 4,211 to 10,075 – a swing of 17% from the SNP to the Conservatives.


Another triumph for the rejuvenated Liberal Democrats – with Alex Cole-Hamilton taking the Edinburgh Western seat from the SNP with 16,645 votes to the SNP’s 13,685 ; the Scottish Conservatives with 5,685 and Labour with 3,750.


And another gain for the Scottish Conservatives as Oliver Mundell takes the Dumfriesshire constituency from Labour with 13,536, over 12,300 for the SNP’s loudmouth Joan McAlpine, who had hoped to take the seat – and with Labour finshing in third with 9,107.


The SNP have had a big win from Labour in Motherwell and Wishaw, taking 15,291 votes to Labour’s 9,068.


The Scottish Conservatives are now icing the cake with their leader, Ruth Davidson, taking the Edinburgh Central constituency from the SNP with 10,399 to the SNP’s 9,789 in second place and Labour in third with 7,540. Ms Davidson increased the Conservative vote by a whacking 15%. In her acceptance speech, the party leader did not need to elaborate but said simply that ‘Tonight people across Scotland are sending a clear message to the SNP’.


And another direct gain from the SNP by the Scottish Conservatives – in Aberdeenshire West, taking the seat with 13,400 to the SNP’s 12,500, the Liberal Democrats in third with 7,262 and Labour fourth with 2056.


It is a moot point if this can be described as good news for the  SNP but the disastrously unable Education Secretary, Angela Constance –  over-promoted by Nicola Sturgeon on gender grounds – has been returned in Almond Valley.


The early night rumour about Labour seems to be correct – they seem on track to lose all of their Glasgow seats. Former Labour leader, Johann Lamont lost her Glasgow Pollok seat to the SNP’s Humza Yousaf by 8,834 to 15, 3016.


Good news for Labour and for Argyll & Bute as a local authority area split between two constituencies – Scottish labour’s big hitter, Jackie Baillie, one of the most impressive politicians in Holyrood, has held her Dumbarton seat after a recount. She won with 13,520 votes to the SNP’s 13,413 and has denied the SNP a scalp they badly wanted. Jackie Baillie stood against Scottish Labour’s stance on the Trident issue and is a long time robust protector of health provision in her constituency,


The certain thing with the nature of this night’s results is that there will be no second independence referendum in the coming parliamentary term.

With a start to the cooling of the public fascination with the SNP now clearly in place and with both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats taking stout vote share from the SNP in several constituencies; with a less than electorally crushing victory for the SNP and with the possibility of the Conservatives finishing in second place – the omens are not what the ultra cautious Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney will want to see. The fact that the Conservatives stood on an uncompromisingly pro-union ticket and have done so very well is a memorandum to Nicola Sturgeon that this summer may not be the time to launch her crusade to persuade such voters to don rose coloured glasses when they contemplate indy

Despite this, we hold to our view that, if this pattern of falling favour continues – as it will – the SNP are likely to have to play the indy card in their manifesto of 2021, if they are to try to secure a fourth term in office.


The seats tally at the moment sees:

  • SNP: 49 – up 4
  • Scottish Conservatives: 5 – up 4
  • Liberal Democrats: 4 – up 2
  • Labour: 3 – down 10


Nicola Sturgeon is returned in Glasgow Southside with 15, 258 votes, with Labour in a distant second place on 5,694 votes, the Conservatives third with 3,100 and the Liberal Democrats on 823.


The Scottish Conservatives have held the Galloway and Dumfries constituency with the SNP’s feeble Environment Minister, Aileen McLeod – who hid during the floods –  in second place with 13,013 votes.


The SNP take Glasgow Provan from Labour, This looks like a clean sweep of all nine seats for the SNP in Scotland.’s biggest city – a powerful achievement.


With Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, having chosen to make her priority in opposition to work to end the totalitarian and inoperable but compulsory Named Person provision of universal state guardianship for young Scots from birth to legal maturity, the SNP and the First Minister would be advised to assume some humility and accept the fact that they got this one atrociously wrong. The possibility of a more slender majority than they had anticipated may improve  their concentration.


How many people watching Alex Salmond’s egoistical performance on BBC Scotland’s political panel tonight saw a deeply unpleasant and rampantly self regarding bully?


The Scottish Greens have not won any of the three constituency seats in which they stood yesterday but are expected to do well in the List vote.


The Glasgow Regional List has 4 Labour  MSPs elected [Anas Sarwar, Johann Lamont, James Kelly and Pauline MacNeil]; 2 Conservatives [Adam Tomkins and Annie Wells – which the Conservatives predicted they would get];  and 1 Green [Patrick Harvie] with the party failing to get the second seat for which they had hoped.

The Conservative List MSPs are a wonderfully eclectic pair.  Adam Tomkins is a professor of public law; and Annie Well ssays that her mother was the cleaner for the former Labour Speaker of the House of Commons – Michael Martin. Both will contribute strongly to the regeneration and redirection of the Scottish Conservatives.


What the central belt media posse do not know about Scotland?

The BBC’s Glen Campbell has just welcomed UKIP’s David Coburn speaking from Dingwall by saying – I knew it was from one of the islands’.


Argyll and Bute declaration. The SNP’s Michael Russell in on his way to be the Presiding Officer at Holyrood with 13,561. Thee was a 9% wing from the SNP to the Liberal Democrats, with Alan Reid second on 7,583, the Conservatives third on 5,840 and Labour fourth on 2,492.


The Lothian Regional List seats: These were elected in the following order: Miles Briggs [Scottish Conservative]; Alison Johnstone [Scottish Greens]; Kezia Dugdale [Scottish Labour]; Gordon Lyndhurst [Scottish Conservatives]; Neil Findlay {Scottish Labour]; Jeremy Balfour [Scottish Conservatives]; Andy Wightman [Scottish Greens]


The Mid Scotland and Fife Regional List: These were elected in the following order: Murdo Fraser [Scottish Conservatives]; Alex Rowley [Scottish Labour]; Liz Smith [Scottish Conservatives]; Clare Baker[Scottish Labour]; Dean Walcott [Scottish Conservatives]; A Stewart Scottish Conservatives]; Mark Rothko [Scottish Greens].


The Scottish Conservatives have held the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire constituency has seen the party increase their vote by around 30%, taking 18,257 votes to the SNP’s 10,521 and seeing the back of a markedly lightweight SNP Minister, Paul Wheelhouse. The Liberal Democrats took third with 2,551 votes and Labour fourth on 1,750.


With five Regional Lists still to be declared, the SNP need 7 more MSPs than they currently have  to make it to the overall majority figure of  65 seats. The Scottish Conservatives currently have more seats than Scottish Labour and are looking increasingly likely to be the second biggest party in the chamber and the formal party of opposition.

The NE Scotland List seats should be declared around 07.30 and should see the Conservatives add more MSPs.


It’s worth noting that Glenn Campbell did a superb night-long anchoring job for the BBC – on top of his brief and juggling without any sign of strain.

It also has to be said that Brian Taylor really ought to be out out to grass – or to graze. As a political analyst – he just isn’t. He relies instead on the distraction of  inside information and steers he’s been given by his political contacts, in exchange for being a tame patsy. It’s an easy life but it’s nowhere near enough for what we expect and have to get from the national broadcaster.


The Highlands & Islands Regional List: these were elected in the following order: Douglas Ross [Scottish Conservatives]; Rhoda Grant [Scottish Labour]; Edward Mountain [Scottish Conservaatives’; Donald Cameron [Scottish Conservatives]; John Finnie [Scottiish Greens]; Marie Todd [SNP]; David Stewar5 [Scottish Labour].


The Central Scotland Regional List sees Scottish Labour with 4 seats and the Scottish Conservatives with 3 seats.


Professor John Curtice is now predicting :

  • that the SNP will finish with 63 seats – without an overall majority [not a resounding personal mandate for Nicola Sturgeon];
  • that the Scottish Conservatives will take 31 seats – a record in the Scottish Parliament – and be the formal opposition party;
  • that Labour will finish on 24 seats;
  • that the Greens will push the Liberal Democrats into fifth place – by one seat – finishing with 6 seats and with the LDs on 5 seats.

If this prediction proves correct [and it has] it is likely that the SNP will not want to lose one of their minority of MSPs to the post of Presiding Officer – which would see the frustation of Michael Russell’s ambitions in this regard.

And with the Conservatives rightly utterly opposed to the Named Person madness, this is now not likely to happen.


The Scotland West Regional List – these were elected in the following order: Neil Bibby [Scottish Labour]; Jame Green [Scottish Conservatives];  Mary Fee [Scottish Labour]; Maurice Golden [Scottish Conservatives]; Ken Mackintosh [Scottish Labour]; Maurice Corry [Scottish Conservatives]; Ross Green [Greens].


The last constituency to declare is Midlothian, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, which is a SNP hold with 16,031 votes and the Scottish Conservatives in second place with 12,163, Labour in third with 5,701 and the Liberal Democrats in fourth on 3,686.


There are now only two regional lists left to declare – South Scotland and  NE Scotland. NE Scotland was about to declare but is counting again following a complaint on practice with the SNP discovering that a relative of Labour candidate Lewis Macdonald was counting.


The Scotland South Regional List saw these candidates elected in the following order: Claudia Beamish [Scottish Labour]; Joan McAlpine [SNP], Alex Salmond’s former wheeze; Rachel Hamilton [Scottish Conservatives]; Emma Harper [SNP]; Colin Smith [Scottish Labour]; Pau Wheelhouse [SNP]; Brian Whittle {Scottish Conservative].


There remains now only the NE Scotland Regional List’s seven seats to be declared – this is expected soon.


The NE Scotland Regional List saw these candidates elected in the following order: Alex Johnstone {Scottish Conservatives]; Jenny Marra [Scottish Labour]; Ross Thompson [Scottish Conservatives]; Peter Chapman [Scottish Consevatives]; Lewis Macdonald [Scottiish Labour]; Mike Rumbles [Liberal Democrat]; Liam Kerr [Scottish Conservatives].

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    Hugh Jazz May 6, 2016 1:47 am Reply
    • Is this your comment on the non-appearance of Mike McKenzie’s name on the list of the ‘Great & the Good’?

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      Robert Wakeham May 6, 2016 7:52 am Reply
  • Hamilton won by SNP from Labour; 50% turn out.

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    db May 6, 2016 2:00 am Reply
    • Interesting swing to the Tories, mostly through low turn out looks like.

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      db May 6, 2016 2:02 am Reply
    • Mea culpa, the drink has the better of me; SNP held Hamilton, they didn’t win it from labour.

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      db May 6, 2016 2:12 am Reply
  • Tavish Scott held Shetland, 62% turn out and a swing to the LDs.

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    db May 6, 2016 2:20 am Reply
  • Tories take Eastwood from Labour; turn out 68%, 6% swing to the conservatives.

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    db May 6, 2016 2:29 am Reply
  • It’s still early doors, but as the drink is getting the better of me I’ll leave it here; it seems like a SNP majority as predicted, a good night for the Tories, up ~10% overall and a correspondingly bad night for Labour, down ~10%.

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    db May 6, 2016 3:42 am Reply
  • Popcorn!

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    Hugh Jazz May 6, 2016 4:13 am Reply
    • HJ

      You must have choked on your popcorn,silence since 04.13.

      No wonder. You and your fellow SNP zealots /trolls got it so wrong. SNP lose overall majority, and your bête noire, Jackie Baillie re-elected.

      Can we now enjoy your further silence?

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      Scotnat May 6, 2016 9:11 am Reply
  • Does this mean Mike Mackenzie has not got back in?

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    Bemused May 6, 2016 7:59 am Reply
    • NO. He was list candidate for the Shetlands and didnt make it.

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      Scotnat May 6, 2016 10:32 am Reply
  • A great set of results for Scotland. Willie Renniw being rewarded for a fin, active and hard campaign, Orkney showing the Carmichael debacle was a setup, Greens doing well (Sara will be happy!), Ruth moving her party into opposition and Scotland being able comfortable enoug in it’s own shows to vote Tory and of course, the SNP on the cusp of losing their majority. A better Scotland awaits us, better oppositiom and an end to the abuse of power in parliament. Well done everyone.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

    JB May 6, 2016 8:13 am Reply
    • Not just ‘on the cusp of losing’ – have lost, and thus the political climate in this country has retreated from the unhealthy atmosphere of a one-party state.

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      Robert Wakeham May 6, 2016 5:56 pm Reply
    • The blatant SNP-orchestrated attempt to deprive Carmichael of his seat in the UK parliament has backfired big time with increases in the Lib-Dem vote in both Shetland and Orkney. Serve them right. Well done the Shetland and Orkney voters for ignoring the bullies.

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      alex McKay May 6, 2016 8:07 pm Reply
  • The media has kept the SNP in check again. Their 2nd vote strategy, suggesting the SNP voters give their list vote to another party has worked.
    It shows the power that the media still have over many people as the SNP made a big play of their SNP-Both Votes campaign.

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    Murdoch MacKenzie May 6, 2016 8:26 am Reply
    • MM, instead of dreaming up yet another conspiracy theory about the media which denigrates your fellow Scots, why not accept that they have brains and used them?

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      alex McKay May 6, 2016 4:51 pm Reply
      • Alex, If you have not seen, or heard, the media going on and on about how SNP voters should give their regional vote to another party I would suggest a visit to Specsavers and maybe get a hearing test as well.
        We even had an article on here about it last week, have you been on your holidays or what?

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        Murdoch MacKenzie May 6, 2016 6:08 pm Reply
        • MM once again denigrates his fellow Scots and now accuses them of not only being unable to think for themselves but now accuses them of being deaf and blind. Just for once, MM< accept that they are not only clear sighted and can hear, but they are also more intelligent than you by deciding how to vote for candidates from parties other than the SNP. If you think "the media" are responsible for SNP's poor showing, then this merely demonstrates how blinkered you are. It's called democracy, MM. Get used to it.

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          alex McKay May 6, 2016 7:42 pm Reply
  • Off to celebrate – it appears that Mackenzie’s name is nowhere to be seen.

    The SNP are on the slide downwards.

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    Lowry May 6, 2016 9:10 am Reply
  • sour grapes Murdoch. You can’t keep inventing cinspiracy theories for everything you know. Btw – The National, The Herald, The Sun and The Record – what’ the common link? AllSNP rags.

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    JB May 6, 2016 9:38 am Reply
    • If you believe that Jamie, well, you’ll believe anything. I commented on here last week about a campaign for SNP voters to give their regional votes to others, even Prof Curtice was at it. The figures show that 106,310 SNP voters fell for it.

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      Murdoch MacKenzie May 6, 2016 6:19 pm Reply
      • No-one “fell for it”, MM, they chose, using their own free will, not to pay any attention to the endless “SNP 1 & 2” which several posters here have been promoting for weeks, and which the rest of us have had to put up with. That was just as much a “campaign” as the one you are whinging about.

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        alex McKay May 7, 2016 9:14 am Reply
  • Congratulations to the SNP.
    Well done Jackie Baillie.
    Mike MacKenzie… teehee, ahh ha ha, bwahahaha, woohoo.

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    John M May 6, 2016 11:14 am Reply

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