Welcome for fiscal framework agreement from McGrigor and Cameron

Jamie McGrigor, Highlands & Islands Conservative MSP and Donald Cameron, the Scottish Conservative candidate for Argyll & Bute in the May Scottish Election, have welcomed the agreement between the UK and Scottish Governments over a fiscal framework that will allow the delivery of substantial new powers to Holyrood.

Speaking today, 24th February, Donald Cameron said: ‘This agreement on the fiscal framework is good news for Scotland and for the UK.

‘I pay tribute to Ruth Davidson for the important role she has played in both helping to secure this deal and develop a new devolved settlement for Scotland that means our Scottish Parliament has significant extra powers and is much more accountable to taxpayers.

‘The role of the Scottish Conservatives since the referendum in leading the debate on extra devolved powers and actually delivering on these is in very stark contrast to the lack of any credible vision from Scottish Labour and the irrelevance of the Lib Dems.’

Candidates never can desist from delivering political kicks on the shin but these are rarely grace notes. Mr Cameron might also care to elaborate on quite how he sees the fiscal framework agreement as good news for the UK?

Jamie McGrigor MSP said: ‘We now have in place a deal which secures a stronger Scottish Parliament within the UK.

‘The political debate in Scotland can now focus on what we should do with extra powers and not what these powers should be.

‘The Scottish Conservatives are the only party that will always argue that hard working families and small businesses should not be hit with extra taxes.’

McGrigor has never been a politician given to aiming kicks at shins and it has been very much to his credit in a political career noted for its grace.

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