Islanders benefit from hotel’s Hogmanay misfortune from Storm Frank

Islanders on the Argyll Isle of Coll, three hours out in the Atlantic from Oban with its sister Isle of Tiree, had an unexpected offer from the Coll Hotel of a New Year’s night special seafood banquet.

The whole hotel had been booked for a New Year’s house party by a group from Glasgow who had been waiting in Oban since Monday for a ferry to Coll. When Storm Frank remained unhelpful, seeing the Calmac ferry to Coll and Tiree unable to sail for the first three days of the week, they cancelled and went home to Glasgow.

As fate would have it, the ferry managed to get out to Coll on Thursday but the partygoers, understandably, had gone home by then to make alternative last minute Hogmanay arrangements.

The hotel had a luscious seafood feast ready to go – and made the best of a hefty financial loss by putting a surprise festive special offer on the menu for island residents.

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