From Pierre Primot whom For Argyll readers helped in tracking down the plans of his classic Argyll-built yacht

In August 2011, Pierre Primot bought a yacht in England – Fair Judgment III. She had previously been named  Taiseer V and had been built in 1953 at Alexander Robertson & Sons yard at Sandbank o the Holy Loch, designed by Charles Nicholson. She’s a 38 ft [12 m] auxiliary sloop.

M Primot knew that she had sailed in the challenging Fastnet Race in 1961, 1965 and 1969.

He needed the plans in order to restore the yacht –  but Robertson’s yard had gone a long time since; and Camper and Nicholson had been sold. Pierre had sent emails to Camper and Nicholson in the hope of help but had had no reply.

He asked For Argyll if our readers could help – and you did, coming up with a wide range of informed and useful suggestions.

All of the help – and particularly  from James Ray, led to Mr Primot discovering the set of plans in the National Maritime Museum.

We followed the epic restoration of Taiseer V – renamed Skye, from time to time and with great interest; and are hoping to get an update on what Skye has been doing.

In the meantime, we are sharing the lovely Christmas card, above, that Mr Primot has sent – earned by all of you who set your minds to the task of trying to work out just where Taiseer V‘s plans might be.

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