Tony Blair – ‘Those whom the Gods…’

The man who was once, while in office – going to solve the problems of Africa in a year, has lost rather than regained stability in the trough he has truffled in out of office.

The man whose ear, he said, God regularly whispers in, would seem to be on a crossed line right now, telling the world today that he can solve the entire MIddle East crisis – more complex , more volatile and more dangerous than it has ever been – all by himself.

The man whom experts in psychology publicly identified as a psychopathic personality [someone who is incapable of  feeling guilt – patently on the money] – while he was Prime Minister, speaks of the qualification his eight years ‘working’ for the Quartet has given him for going solo.

Never mind guilt, Blair seems to lack memory as well. The amount of ‘work’ he did during that eight year period was risible. When there was serious trouble in the region he was nowhere to be found; and his credibility there was unworkable because of his perceived bias towards the Israelis.

He enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of the status of the job he pleaded to be given when he stood down as Prime Minister. He permanently rented a couple of floors of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem for his staff and for himself and his retinue on the rare occasions he pretended to be bothered.

The fripperies of power were always of greater interest to him than anything of substance he might have done with it.

The belief of this anointed wonder is that he can now resolve the troubles of this increasingly fluid part of the world as a private citizen, without the name of the Quartet in support.

This itself is further proof that the megalomania has gone beyond all imagining.

Blair now actually sees himself as more important and more powerful than the EU, Russia, the USA,  and the UN – together.

He has been quoted as saying that he will ‘…try and push and promote … major change on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank and Palestinian unity on the basis of peace’.

This would be an interesting spectator sport were it not that the UK will  be far too preoccupied with defending against the imminent terrors threatened by Daesh and spawned by Blair and his paymaster
and warmate, George W Bush, in their illegal, murderous and destabilising extravaganza in Iraq in 2003.

And Blair, of course, talked Spain’s then Prime Minister into being part of the Iraq escapade, opening the European mainland to a shared role as scapegoat.

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