Sing for a day in Strachur workshop

What the tutors, Nicola Ward and Rosey Ferris, have to say about what can only be a fabulous day of harmony singing is:

‘The idea of the singing day is nothing more than to create a fab sound and to do some good fun harmony singing using 2, 3 and 4 part harmony songs. If there is an opportunity to ‘polish’ the sound and throw some simple choreographed moves in,  then we’ll have a go! Everyone is welcome and there is no need to read music, dance or sew a sequin.’

This gloriously feelgood day – at the Strachur Pavilion –  is Saturday 28th November, with the session running from 10.00 to 16.30. It costs £20 per person. Contact Mave to book a place:

Nicola Ward has many years experience of singing in both barbershop and community groups, including 2 multiple gold medal winning choruses. She has worked with world leading vocal and performance coaches and loves finding the resonance and ‘ring’ in the chords.  Recently she has organised local [Yorkshire] workshops and provided cover for local choir leaders.

Rosey Ferris has sung in choirs from childhood, leading primary school choirs as a teacher. More recently she has been part of several community choirs and groups,including 20 years in a 5 piece women’s acapella group.

The tutors will bring along a few different songs and check out with the group which ones to use once there.  There could be Motown, Barbershop, Gospel, African or/and simple Jazz.

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