Call for help in last clear out of Dunoon Burgh Hall before work starts on its new life

Getting ever closer to the heavy lifting on the major revision and upgrading of the great Dunoon Burgh Hall, there is lighter lifting to be done.

Ann Campbell, the part time Manager of the venue [and if she sleeps, we can’t see when] – is asking for help to move out the last bits of ‘stuff” from the Dunoon  Burgh Hall before the builders come in.

Ever the realist, Ann is timing this last effort for the period when the excitement of the Cowal Gathering weekend is over.

Anyone interestd to help and available, with cars or vans – ‘or just a reasonably strong pair of arms’, Ann says –  would be very welcome to come in around 10am on Tuesday 1st September and on Thursday 3rd September around 10am.

‘There isn’t a great deal, but it is messy, so wear old clothes’ – is the good news and the helpful advice.

And, of course, this is the last chance to see what the stripped out building looks like before work begins.

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