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Perhaps Mr Salmon you could give us your …

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Perhaps Mr Salmon you could give us your undoubted wisdom on what currency Scotland will be using when we are independent

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  • Yes all cults eventual collapse . I see in the papers this morning that Catalonian independance has been abandoned by Puigdemont
  • The SNP were only 600 votes away from losing there majority a number of there candidates won by the skin of there teeth.
    How the mighty fall
  • Cat got your tongue AS I see sturgeon writing in the Times this morning has just confirmed what I said in my last post
  • Well AS you know history has a habit of repeating its self. In the early 1980,s Thatcher set up Scargill the miners leader and forced him to call his coal strike in March the worst possible month to start. Well Teresa May has set up Sturgeon.
    Our first minister has no option but to declare a new referendum at the party conference again the worst possible time to declare. Europe is in turmoil with France Holland Italy and Greece all having major problems . The Brexit negotiations will not be finished when the referendum takes place. And maybe you don’t remember the miners lost
  • Strange you cheese how you miss out the most important vote of all and in case you do not remember the vote in sept 2014 where I believe the people voted no.

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