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Oh how I like the silence on here. …

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Oh how I like the silence on here. Argyll returns to the peaceful,tranquil place it always was,before the Little Britishers appeared.
Great day today. May was sent to Coventry in Brussels. That’s a frigging first. Credit where credits due.
The Scottish Gov outflanked the stupid Unionists.
All going our way. On to 2017 and Independence.

A.Salmon also commented

  • I have to laugh at some of the,ahem,historical /hysterical comments on here. Indi 2 is coming,and the Yoons are going to take one hell of a beating!!!!
  • Just over a week to go before the Yoons get their arses handed to them on a plate!
  • Just by posting on a dead site,you prove my point.
    The Union is History. Down with May and her facist brethren.
  • Wee Nic is the most popular poli in YooKay,by a country mile.
    SKY and these other lying bastards,the BBC,where spouting forth,a week ago,they Mayhem and No Truth Harrison were more popular.
    In any case,the Unionists are in Panic mode now,as they have no more lies to tell.
  • New poll,Far Right Tory Riech on 22% . Not looking good for the Union!

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