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An ignorant Britnat to the Bitter End. Stop …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by A.Salmon.

An ignorant Britnat to the Bitter End. Stop bombing people.
The uk is culpable of war crimes in Yemen,stated the Yemeni acting government.
Alway wanting wars. It’s the uKOK way!!

A.Salmon also commented

  • New poll,Far Right Tory Riech on 22% . Not looking good for the Union!
  • Have you ever seen the Yoons flap like this before!
  • I certainly not in favour of using the Junked currency,Sterling!
  • Far Right Conservatives and Unionists- fraudulent and useless.
  • Sic a parcel of rogues…. never a truer phrase written. The mad yoons on here see their Empire disintegration continue unabated.
    The yoonatics are loosing,and the campaign hasn’t begun. The economy is about to tank,everything looking good for the next Indi Ref. Argyll about to be liberated from interbred colonists?

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