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Interesting feature on the Campbeltown Picture House on …

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Interesting feature on the Campbeltown Picture House on Radio 4 this afternoon.

On: BBC Radio 4
Date: Thursday 24th November 2016 (Already shown)
Time: 16:00 to 16:30 (30 minutes long)

Cinema magazine programme. Francine Stock visits Campbeltown on the west coast of Scotland, where the community have come together to save their art deco cinema. The Uckfield Picture House celebrates its centenary in 2016 and for over 50 years it’s been owned by one family. Kevin Markwick has been with the cinema since he was babe in arms and talks about his life in pictures.
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Lundavra also commented

  • I would think the EU have enough problems trying to survive rather than considering expansion. There is a growing number of countries unhappy about membership of the EU and the loss of the UK leaves a huge hole in the EU budget.
  • The reports of the BMG survey today are interesting.

    ‘We don’t care’: Scottish voters dismiss EU as ‘political gravy train’

  • I think it is a lot more complicated than that. The MSM have their problems but Buzzfeed has been discredited and no one with any sense trusts Twitter as a source.

    Wikileaks seem to do whatever Moscow tells them – no coincidence that in their supposed search for the truth they never release anything from Russia.

    At least lots of people in many countries are now talking seriously about the end of the Eurozone and possible break up of the EU which will be accelerated by the financial crisis when the UK leaves (excluding Germany, Britain’s contribution is more than the total net contribution of the 26 other EU states combined). Anyone wanting to join this disaster must be crazy!

  • I would not criticism them without knowing the reason.
  • Beads?

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