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Time to drain the swamp and get rid …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by Steve Barlow.

Time to drain the swamp and get rid of AS and the like. Could start by publishing their email addresses so they cant keep hiding under rocks

Steve Barlow also commented

  • So good to see the SNP in decline 🙂
  • “Scotland is in the Eu. Should it choose it will remain in the Eu. It meets the criteria”

    Back to La La Land NCH

  • Like the coward that you are you can continue putting your head in the sand, but you will have to learn to say goodbye to the EU
    Winge whine shout scream… its still going to happen 🙂
  • AS still being a coward, not got the guts to post under its own name.
  • Constructive comment from the troll…
    Not bright enough to outshine a candle

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