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Surprised you weren’t more of a regular in …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by Proudest Scot in the UK.

Surprised you weren’t more of a regular in the Dolphin. It’s only a few yards along the road. Plenty republican type bhoys in there to spill your bile to.
But then, dolphins and salmon, it wouldn’t end well.

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  • In Neil M Gunn’s allegorical novel, “HIGHLAND RIVER”. the Salmon of Wisdom swam in the Pool of Knowledge.
    Happy Days!
    Our Bradan, however,appears to be a poor, spent, husk of a fish, swimming in an ever decreasing circle in an ever shallowing pond of his own cess, offering nothing original, spouting received wisdom, and using what remains of his energy to blame everyone else for his misfortune.
    Now who does that remind me of, surely not that other famously chippy Jock with a similar monikker,who used to lead the SNP?

    I suppose, Steve, draining the swamp has its attractions, but then, where else would one find such lighthearted fun as can be so easily had, baiting these fellows?
    Tally Ho!!

  • Ah, another typical top quality response from the king of fish.
    Raw nerve perhaps?

    I wonder if, like so many other rabid proponents of independent republican status for Scotland, his lot were out on the wrong side in the glorious revolution? There certainly appears to be a trend there don’t you think.?
    Just speculating of course!!

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  • New Transport Minister humiliates CalMac MD
    Interesting that you mention Pentland Ferries, Murdoch.

    The principal of this out fit, Mr Andrew Banks, an intensely private man, but a man possessed of a level of dogged determination which is so far beyond the ordinary as to be quite remarkable.
    He and his co surmounted every concievable obstacle to become established. Not all of those were from the usual govt busybody suspects, many came from the enemy within, namely OIC. This is why, after all this time, that Pentland are still struggling to be able to use Burwick instead of the less convenient(longer passage time, St Margarets Hope.

    All that aside though. Andrew Banks has stated publicly, that if his co were to receive the mega million pound subsidy paid to Northlink on their Pentland firth service, he would be able to carry everone to and from Orkney for nothing.It is fairly obvious from this, that our politicians are not easily embarrassed, so, what will happen if it is decided, as must be likey, that RET is extended to the Northern isles routes.
    Will Banks’co, which operates with zero public subsidy, yet makes a real profit, be thrown to the lions? Well, by the tone of many of the SNP supporting Stalinist goons who comment on this and other sites, and to whom private enterprise, risk, hard work and success are utter anathema, who would bet against it.
    You can just hear them.
    “Ah dinna gie a f—k whit it costs the country, there’ll be nae Tories here”

  • New Transport Minister humiliates CalMac MD
    Re. Pier dues at Craignure.

    Not sure of the exact figure paid by Calmac to ABC, but it’s over £1m annually.
    I’m sure the council will be delighted to fill in the gaps for you!!

  • New Transport Minister humiliates CalMac MD
    I think there is quite a lot going on behind the scenes, particularly regarding CMAL.

    There have been quite strong hints in emails I have seen, principally from one MSP, who is no stranger to Argyll, regarding what may be SG future policy towards CMAL.

    What I have read into the comments is that,given that CMAL was formed as an asset owning body, to put supposed distance between the owner of the assets, and the operator of the CHFS, ostensibly to facilitate open market tendering of said services , (as if) and that CALMAC has now,and for the second time,been awarded the contract,what is the ongoing function and therefore point of CMAL into the future?

    Does this mean that SG thinking is, that it is unlikely that it will ever again be necessary to tender these services, and one wonders also, if, given that we were told that the principal reason for tendering ever to take place was due to EU insistence, that Holy Rood anticipates a vote for UK to leave EU?

    Whatever the case,it may be that some very expensive jackets are hanging on a potentially slack nail in the CMAL cloakroom.

  • SNP MP backs call for CalMac to put MV Coruisk back on Mallaig-Armadale service – and is to go direct to the Transport Minister
    Now now Murd, you’re bad to me a’balaich!
    I have no issue at all with those slippery Sgiathanaich.
    I’m sure my own family , on the Mackay side, were in Skye for several generations, having been cleared from Sutherland, but having managed to avoid deportation. As far as I know they they left on good enough terms with the locals.

    No no, I’m only trying to tell it like it is. After all, a lot of people on FA are up on their hind legs on this subject, but as far as I can recall, no one has actually offered any other workable solution, whilst constrained by the available fleet.
    What I think would work perfectly well,would have been to leave the IOM to do Oban Craignure, leave LOCHFYNE on Lochaline Fishnish, partnered by Loch Bhrusda, and for Cal Mac to market this service for all they are worth. This would offer massive capacity, given the fifteen minute passage time on this service, would go a long way to alleviating congestion in Oban and Craignure, and, given that the named boats are relatively cheap to operate, would, I think, be very cost effective.
    The fly in the ointment , however, is Cal Mac itself. This because, for some reason , it seems to be complete anathema to it to promote this very convenient and reliable means of getting to and from Mull. I know, both from experience and anecdotally that anyone trying unsuccessfully, to make a booking for Oban Craignure, will never be offered Lochaline Fishnish as an option.

    Anyway, we are where we are. We have taken CORUISK as a prize, and I heard a whisper the other day that her name.may yet be changed to LOCH FRISA, an old Macbrayne fleet name, and one of Mull’s legion of very lovely lochs.

    Chi mi a rithist thu, a caraid.

  • SNP MP backs call for CalMac to put MV Coruisk back on Mallaig-Armadale service – and is to go direct to the Transport Minister
    Very well. One of the legion of knowledgeable contributors to this blog, makes the (valid) observation that there are fixed ramps at Oban and Fishnish, and speculates that the reserve vessel(s) might use those with facility.
    The contributor fails to name those vessels, but experience suggests to me that. (A) they are relatively small, and (B) relatively slow. So i will suggest a minimum passage time of 90minutes from oban to fishnish. Approximately double the passage time of Oban Craignure. All this on vessels which boast passenger facilities which stretch to toilets and plastic seating.

    Another contributor accuses CM, TS, SG et al of unspeakable disrespect to the users of Mallaig Armadale as a consequence of the redeployment of CORUISK.
    I suggest that some in Skye have nothing to learn in this respect.
    Viz. On the day that the Skye bridge opened, Skye was no longer an island in the true sense. The bridge represented enormous progress, but that was not enough, and many of the denizens of that and other isles did not want to pay to use it. Result? the nation paid for the bridge In order that it could be toll free for ever.
    I’m sure it will prove an unpopular position, but I feel that Skye has done rather well over the years.
    Something else that I doubt if all those strident commentators have failed to acknowledge, is that Mull ferries, and particularly Oban Craignure, are heavily trafficked by heavy commercial vehicles, as there is no viable option for them. If a vessel much smaller than CORUISK had been deployed there, that heavy and essential traffic would find it very difficult to service it’s business customers as a consequence of the 40 plus percent growth in recreational use of the ferry service.
    I will suggest also, that commercial carryings on Mallaig Armadale, are a relatively small percentage of that routes traffic, as trucks are unlikely to be regular ferry users when the bridge is free.

    Robert Wakeham suggests in an earlier post that the decision smacked of political expediency. Given that all of the interested parties are represented at both Westminster and Holy Rood by the SNP, I just can’t see where he’s coming from. But then, I’ve been at work since 05.30, and what little brain I have is now somewhat scrambled.

    Anyway chaps, sit and talk quietly among yourselves for now.
    Back soon, Shonnaidh.

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