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Still on the ganja I’m glad to see …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by John M.

Still on the ganja I’m glad to see Machmaolian. You should try giving it a break for a couple of days, you never know you might just stop making an arse of yourself.

John M also commented

  • Aleppo – I wonder if any of those who previously decried british involvement in action overseas can proudly hold their heads up high and say emphatically we were right not to get involved.
    Shame on you!
  • hahaha, good to see you’re still talking nonsense. The internal repressive machinations of the SNP over the past few years has been something to behold!

    Tell me though, what do you think about brexit? What should Nippy do? I don’t quite get why she has set a hard brexit as one of her benchmarks! A hard brexit would all but guarantee the same result as 2014. Must admit though it’s a pity, if only they had the strength of conviction and go for the full bells and whistles with Europe, I would probably vote Yes.

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  • Early arrival of uncertainties on EU funding of collaborative academic research
    JB – not sure if you are still dipping in!?

    Interested in where you are now in relation to brexit, tbh you’re still puzzling me. Totally get the electorate wanted to make a protest vote, Brexit/Trump! Personally, think they got it completely wrong but hey.

    70-80% plus of brexit voters were protest votes, fair enough, no matter what they heard it wouldn’t of made the slightest bit of difference. Such is democracy, not exactly an informed electorate but ever will it be such.

    Slightly different for yourself though, you made an informed choice, is it still one you would promote and advocate? Was ‘project fear’ a big fat lie or did it actually get it wrong and under-estimate the reality of the brexit vote?

  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    DB – “Cutting taxes and cutting red tape – but protecting workers.” is a standard mantra for most Tories, have they ever put workers rights before big business?
  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    You possibly misinterpreted my posts Jamie, I am looking forward and asking how you feel future negotiations will go for the UK in their wish to stay in the single market.
    I know you don’t like talking about issues relating to immigration, and whilst I completely accept it isn’t an issue for yourself it was one of the main drivers for people voting leave. Maybe you haven’t given a lot of thought to it so let’s move on.
    You have me slightly confused though on your suggestion people seen through the ‘lies’. Certainly those who voted remain had the vision to see them as lies, not so sure leave voters did though but I’m sure we can also come back to that one at some point.
    Any thoughts on annual payments we will need to make to the EU if we want access to the single market?
  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    Should be when we leave the EU not the UK.
    Edit function please!
  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    Karl, are UK workers rights going to be enhanced or diminished when/if we leave the UK?

    When I voted No in the indyref it was in the belief the UK would stay in the EU. I don’t see anyone winning with Brexit, well maybe apart from those who already have plenty.

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