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Dunoon burgh ball seats

I wonder if other threads can be used? …

Comment posted Dunoon Burgh Hall team offers restored chairs for sponsorship by JimB.

I wonder if other threads can be used?

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    Seems that they are still active in the area. I have just had a call from an asian caller who purported to be from Open Reach stating that there had been a request to cut off my internet connection and what did I say to that.

    I replied that it was a load of crap and that he was clearly a scammer.

    He put his phone down before I had a chance to expand on the theme.

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    Lets hope Newsie pops up again soon Even you guys must be running out of things to say about this ferry service.
    I do find it intriguing that all bar one of the SNP trolls have disappeared too.
  • Scottish education – intellectual initiative coming from the Scottish Conservatives
    ” in 20 years’ time these buildings are likely to become as bad as the schools they replaced because the materials are not good enough ”

    The 1960s schools were generally built with reinforced concrete frameworks. These have become unsoumd because many were built using high alumina cement which reacted with the rebars causing rusting. This then lead to the concrete crumbling. Another factor was the then standard 1 to 10 concrete mix (now 1 to 5).

    All the new PFI achools I have come across during construction have been built with steel framework. So the alarming picures of collapsed walls are not indicative of an imminent collapse of the structure itself so they should survive longer, with suitable repairs.

    However, there seems to be a cyclic “fashion” for replacing schools on the basis that it contributes to better education, but does it?

  • Day One 2016 Scottish Election campaign – and Sturgeon fronts SNP sales pitch on her government’s three greatest failures
    KO – You are a sad bitter little man whose mission in life is to denigrate the reputation of Scotland as a friendly place.

    I have to laugh at your protestations about the content of the site – I assume you have been on Wings? If as it seems the content of FO doesn’t suit you I suggest you go there instead or are you commanded to be on this site by your cult leaders.

    I have been on Wings a couple of times but decided that it was too evil for me so I haven’t gone back. This is a choice I can make as a freethinking non cult member.

    Vote 1 for Alan Reid vote 2 your choice.

  • Why has SG bought Tata Steel plants to sell them on ‘for the same consideration’ to Liberty House?
    NCH – You may be right about the Tory vote falling away. I hope it does in Argyll & Bute where Alan Reid only needs a few thousand Labour and Tory voters ( and in my opinon neither can win ) to support him and the SNP will be defeated.

    All perfectly possible – he increased hit votes last time round.


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