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Never mind the travel expenses, what about her …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by db.

Never mind the travel expenses, what about her constituents? Unlike the previous incumbent who, whatever his failings might be, was a good constituency MP, people are complaining that the new broom doesn’t exactly work as advertised.

db also commented

  • In what way? iRef2 is a hollow threat as long as the opinion polls remain as they are.
  • Draw the mouse pointer over the text while holding the left mouse button down and the text will become readable.

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  • SNP Deputy Party Leader contest sees post-Brexit carpetbagger challenge Angus Robertson
    I live in Scotland, so I have an interest in who the SNP pick to be deputy leader as it will impact upon me just as much as upon party members. Your posts in this thread are infantile, do you not have anything constructive to say?
  • SNP Deputy Party Leader contest sees post-Brexit carpetbagger challenge Angus Robertson
    I quite agree, Mr Smith’s inchoate bellowing in the european parliament was as embarrassing as it was incomprehensible, almost as risible as Nigel Farage’s ill-considered rant.
  • HMS Ambush ambushed off Gibraltar
    Commercial shipping has a rather worse record for hitting terra firma, each other or hapless yachts than submarines do and fishermen are amongst the most irresponsible when it comes to keeping a lookout according to the COLREGs, as a look at the MAIB annual reports would show. Everyone must do better to keep themselves and others safe at sea.
  • HMS Ambush ambushed off Gibraltar
    I doubt that being able to detect the merchant vessel was the issue given the advanced sensors available on board, more likely it was a lamentable loss of situational awareness on the part of the Officer of the Watch(not unlike the situation of Ambush going aground) and will no doubt involve a lot of interviews without tea or biscuits and impede or stop dead some careers.
  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    John M said: “Karl, are UK workers rights going to be enhanced or diminished when/if we leave the UK?”

    Somewhat imponderable but part of Davis’ speech the other day shows some intent in that direction; “Cutting taxes and cutting red tape – but protecting workers.

    At home, there is much we can do to make Britain a better place to do business…

    …To be clear, I am not talking here about employment regulation. All the empirical studies show that it is not employment regulation that stultifies economic growth, but all the other market-related regulations, many of them wholly unnecessary. Britain has a relatively flexible workforce, and so long as the employment law environment stays reasonably stable it should not be a problem for business.

    There is also a political, or perhaps sentimental point. The great British industrial working classes voted overwhelmingly for Brexit. I am not at all attracted by the idea of rewarding them by cutting their rights. This is in any event unnecessary, and we can significantly improve our growth rate by stopping the flood of unnecessary market and product regulation.”

    Obviously this is one speech by one minister, not proposed or actual legislation, but he is in charge of Brexit.

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