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Everyone gets leather seats you idiot. There is …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by Longshanks.

Everyone gets leather seats you idiot. There is only one type of seat on the plane.

And – the reason for the more expensive fares has been explained ad nauseam – they are flexible fares, so can be changed to cope with the unpredictable nature of parliamentary business.

Give it a rest – the incessant SNPBaaaadddery is getting a little wearing.

Longshanks also commented

  • Arfur mo arfur . . .

    Have you ANY evidence – even a teensy weensy shred – that uncertainty over a potential independence referendum is stopping people moving to Scotland?

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    It is hard to see why FA has not simply replaced its computer system and got on with it.
  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    So that’s it for ForArgyll is it?
  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    It is of course BT who provide your IP address. If you are a domestic customer this will change whenever your router is rebooted. Business customers on some packages may have a fixed IP address.

    Never let anyone share your screen and never download any software suggested by a caller. No reputable company works like this.

    (an exception might be a PC support organisation like PC World’s ‘KnowHow’, but they will have installed the software on your machine when you joined)

    I have to say I am surprised anyone who works with the Internet every day fell for this.

  • Three day Gig in the Goil becomes UK’s newest boutique music festival
    Malt whiskeys?
  • Not news that west coast ferry contract goes to CalMac
    The contract was put out to tender as required. An independent panel was set up to examine the tender process, which it found to have been fair, open and transparent. Calmac won – and enjoyed the support of three of the biggest four parties in Holyrood. Get over it.

    Seeing everything as just another stick to beat the SNP with is puerile and tiresome – and it is what has seen the readership of this bigoted backwater bedroom blog plummet from the dizzy heights of hundreds to the couple of dozen who bother dropping in regularly today.

    For Argyll isn’t ‘for’ anything, it is as anti as antimatter, as negative as a negative thing and as influential as a wet fart in a long forgotten basement broom cupboard.

    Meanwhile I imagine there is a lot of relief on the islands that there is going to be no unnecessary politically driven disruption to their lifeline services.

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