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Perhaps because people agree with you ? The point is the BBC can do this because they are funded by the licence fee a totally out of date regressive tax that makes as much sense as a window or even bedroom tax. Time for the Beeb to earn its keep via subscriptions or advertising.

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    As someone who works in IT just please be aware
    (1) BT and Openreach NEVER call you about problems, even those of us in the industry can only get BT on the phone regarding internet service provision.
    (2) BT and Microsoft do not call people and “proxy” onto their computer other than very big companies with service contracts and these are usually through third party value added network suppliers.
    (3) Never let anyone install proxy software on your computer, unless you work for a big company and they supply you with it so that their tech support can help you at home.
    (4) Any genuine telephone tech support would never have you on the telephone for two and half hours, they would be sacked for the long handle time ! No genuine tech support will ever ask for your IP, password or financial details, the IP is irrelevant, it is dynamic and changes for most users with every use of the net, if you do business with an organisation they know your payment means already and don’t need your password.
    (5) As someone else wrote be careful doing a call back – the scam artists can keep the line open and make it sound like you called them. Look up a customer service number on the organisations website or from a bill, if necessary call another number first to make sure the line is clear.

    Unfortunately networked technology has given bad people yet another way to try to part trusting people and their money.

  • Next Argyll locations due for fibre broadband rollout
    What about Craignish – Barbreck-1 ? HIE website says July-Dec 2016 …
  • Planners must choose between new home and core local business in Ardfern
    55 Objections 0 in favour as of June 16th
  • Russell asks new Scottish Government for answers on broadband rollout
    Barbeck / Craignish Peninsula “Jun-Dec 2016” per HIE website for fibre connections …. aye right
  • Police Service for Scotland, Lochgilphead: police reports for week to 18th April 2016
    Thank you for the update – I expect many would be happy to see the miscreants being fed mouldy bread and water in Bar-L for a long time before being deported. You might ask why they would want to come from isolated rural areas in a country, with poor roads and corrupt government, to more of the same here – other than better pickings for housebreaking.
    This is not the rural Argyll we all knew not so long ago where you could leave your door and car unlocked.
    Unfortunately the advice has to be to fit good deadlocks, window catches, webcams, alarm systems, lights with motion detectors and have agreements with neighbours to watch each other’s property when away.
    Being ex Army I would suggest means of self defence but the Police would then likely arrest the home owner rather than the burglar and they are doing the ransacking when people are gone from the house.

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