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It is a great pity that this stimulating …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by Kevin Byrne.

It is a great pity that this stimulating and frequently informative site is on hold; I cannot imagine why anybody can rejoice – I happen to be a Nationalist, but I am not a bigot and I am interested and educated by access to a spectrum of views. It was bold of this site to permit open debate, and by and large that latitude led to some very useful comment. It is hard to credit that some of the mindless material was truly contributed by fellow Nationalists, but in truth almost anybody can write silly things if it is very late at night. Anyway, I for one am sorry to see Argyll diminished in this way and I thank Lynda for her outstanding contribution to local affairs.

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    Well done for sharing and for the detailed account. All the advice given is of course correct – but you knew it already, as do we all! Eternal vigilance is not easy to maintain, how often one escapes by a whisper. Thank you.
  • May’s Cabinet looking good as it emerges
    Sadly her use of the word “lives” was the give away; she was talking to a class of people but pretending to address them as individuals. Maybe it was a genuine slip, but I think she was on about the Lumpen proletariat.
  • 135 population of Colonsay raises £57k of £60k repair bill for Georgian Church – and needs help with last £3k
    Other projects in Colonsay have received Lottery funding and we did investigate the concept for the church, but it would not have been appropriate. The H&S implications required immediate action, the Grade 2 listing required full reinstatement within 12 months and the Lottery application would have taken almost a year to reach a provisional award, followed by another year to ensure full compliance. The agencies listed in our Press Release were all able to make almost immediate decisions in view of all the circumstances. Although not appropriate in this particular case, we understand that Lottery funding has proved invaluable to numerous projects locally and throughout Argyll.
  • 135 population of Colonsay raises £57k of £60k repair bill for Georgian Church – and needs help with last £3k
    Good gracious, what an extraordinarily encouraging and generous offer. On behalf of all parishioners in Colonsay, I offer our truly heartfelt thanks. We are genuinely working proactively to maintain the church in excellent condition, so whilst the Belfry repair is not within our normal budget it is vital to our stewardship. We do hope that all donors will have a chance to visit Colonsay’s church and we hope to invite one and all to a special thanksgiving event when the work is complete. Once again, please accept the very sincere thanks of all parishioners and friends of Colonsay – and many thanks also to Lynda and For Argyll for promoting our cause at a time of need, hooray and best wishes, Kevin Byrne, Session Clerk
  • Indy, the banks and the Scottish economy
    I must admit I am unsure. I had assumed that FA was taking a contrarian view in order to wind folk up and stimulate debate, a jolly good thing in its way. But, with only three weeks to go, I expected FA to either admit to a spoof or to undergo a Damascan conversion. So now I begin to wonder if FA could really be so very out of touch? I hope not – I have admired the vigour and dash, hate to see it wasted (like our oil!).

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