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I left the scene of the accident only …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by S.White.

I left the scene of the accident only when I saw the blue lights approaching, to allow them space to operate, and when I was driving past the scene a couple of hours later I saw the police had taped it. So I’m not criticising, just curious.

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  • To change the subject – has anyone got any information about the accident at Port Ann last Wednesday morning? I arrived on the scene just a few minutes after it happened, engine still hot, car upside down, no occupant(s) in sight.

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    I’m glad you escaped unscathed (financially at least) and that you shared your experience. I’m sure it will help others to avoid these creeps.

    I too have been targeted – on two occasions. I too escaped financial loss, but not, as in your case, by using my intelligence. My saviour was my own bumbling ineptitude – I couldn’t follow the instructions of the scammers, however hard I tried, and, frustrated and exasperated they gave up on me after wasting several hours. I almost feel sorry for them!

    In any case, they wouldn’t have gained anything because I don’t do banking by computer. Writing a cheque is about my limit of fiscal manipulation. So I guess the moral of my story is that there is merit in being dumb, keyboard clumsy, and computer illiterate.

  • Attempted abduction at knifepoint of serviceman at RAF Marham
    To return to the main point of the article – the thugs sure picked the wrong target! Young, male, superfit – even without his RAF Regiment uniform he must have appeared a formidable opponent. And one of them has carelessly left his DNA, in the form of his blood, splattered over the knuckles of his “victim”.

    There must be some sort of award we can bestow on these dimwit primitives.

  • Turkey’s military coup raises issues to be confronted here in Britain
    The wrong side won, and I pity the Turkish people. Whatever the sophistry of the argument about the legal niceties, it remains that a nasty and dangerous dictator has hijacked a country. Erdogan displays the same characteristics as Hitler, the talent for political gambling, for demanding more power, and more, and more, contemptuously baiting the western democracies and revelling in our weakness.

    He will, of course, eventually overreach himself, take a step too far and crash and burn. They always do. The consequences will be catastrophic. How fortunate for us that we have just “exited” the club that was/is considering making him a member.

  • Waiting – successfully – for beavers with Philip Price of Loch Visions
    A wonderful and interesting account of Beaver Watching, with some excellent photos! Thanks for sharing! Hope I have the patience to go on a Beaver Watch myself some day!
  • Next Argyll locations due for fibre broadband rollout
    When – for Minard?

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