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True to form, up pops NCH, I rest …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by Charlie Jack.

True to form, up pops NCH, I rest my case.

Charlie Jack also commented

  • How very unfortunate.
    Where will all the demented Nats go now to spout their endless drivel. It was such a shame that they spoiled what could have been reasonable and intelligent debate with their endless moronic garbage.

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  • Legacies of well intended but thoughtless impulses
    What a pointless and inappropriate article.
    As for Murdoch MacKenzie, some might think that he lost the plot quite some time ago.
  • Scottish education – intellectual initiative coming from the Scottish Conservatives
    One of many unfortunate consequences of the recent increase in political engagement, and one that is demonstrated by so many keyboard warriors, is the bitter and, all consuming, resentment displayed towards those deemed to be privileged and wealthy.
    Envy, one of the seven deadly sins, is an unattractive trait, as demonstrated by the sort of unpleasant rhetoric often used on social media to rail against those with a bob or two in the bank. My suspicion is that many who shout the loudest do themselves have a bob or two in the bank, and are comfortably off, but choose to protest to score political points, by associating themselves with those who are genuinely and truly in need.
  • Sturgeon’s personal popularity rating falls 6% in two months
    I very recently spent an enjoyable holiday based in an overseas hotel. More or less the only tv channels available in the hotel room were European and World news channels, which I scanned through repeatedly during the week.
    Not once did Scottish politics, the Scottish Government, SNP, Nicola Sturgeon or indeed any story with a Scottish connection feature. There was hardly even a mention of UK news either.
    The conclusion that I came to was that the rest of the world isn’t taking any notice of us at all, and we’re not really as important internationally as the SNP would like to think.
  • Unexplained near miss between Serco Northlink’s MV Hrossey and anchored coastguard tug
    Let it all out Newsroom.
    I responded to your article because you used a minor berthing incident, which is purely an operational matter involving the master, crew, the ship’s managers and the appropriate authorities to have a dig, and ultimately in your reply to my comment, to go off on an anti Serco rant.
    There might be examples you may use to prove either company’s suitability or otherwise in being awarded the contract, but questioning the professionalism and competence of the merchant seaman in either company is not one of them.
  • Unexplained near miss between Serco Northlink’s MV Hrossey and anchored coastguard tug
    Would it be correct to assume that the sudden interest by For Argyll in operational matters involving Serco, and their marine operations to and from the Northern Isles, is a deliberate attempt to show bias toward Calmac in the ongoing tender process for ferry services around Scotland’s west coast?
    If so, then in the interests of fairness, please don’t overlook numerous collisions with piers, (Isle of Mull v Oban Railway Pier and Lord of the Isles), the grounding of the Isle of Arran on rocks in Oban Bay and the very serious incident aboard the Isle of Eigg, when the skipper fell asleep when alone in the wheelhouse, that have befallen Calmac in recent times. Some of these incidents were investigated by the MAIB and some were not.
    It would be disingenuous of you to suggest that one operator’s officers and crew are less competent than others. They are all qualified to the same degree.

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