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NCH a parting gift from one who has …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by Splang.

NCH a parting gift from one who has kept tabs on your vile bile, enjoy x one could say you have reached your bitter end, ha, ha, ha.

The Internet Troll

Sitting in his chair,
Laughing at your pain,
Abuse driven glory,
Its only aim,

Withdrawn from society,
Curtains drawn close,
Prozac painkillers,
Attention less ghost,

Viral anger,
Lack of remorse,
Deflecting the pain,
Of his parent’s divorce,

A knock at his door,
The troll opens it wide,
A recognised face,
Looks him straight in the eyes,

Fear grips its body,
As it falls to the floor to the floor,
Its ethereal screams turned to silence,
A troll it was no more….

The urban legend,
Of the internet troll.
Punished by his own evil…
That devoured his soul.

look in your mirror
we all know who you are
a narcissistic fool, an empty void
a broken soul that’s so easy to annoy.

Might want to check your ISPN number numpty.we can keep intouch on wings. Mull’it over if you get my drift.

Splang also commented

  • “Hypocrisy” he cried…to himself in the mirror, LOL… Dumb ass.
    I hear spring has been suspended until June, oh and it seems the blossom will be vibrant blue in the UK, no doubt matching the blue tartan knickers of the Red Dwarf of Irvin, nee gobshite from scheme.
    Payback time for the pseudo national socialists and their ilk…

    ooohps there is me spouting it off on a dead site again… true to form off to the nether regions of the net now to scan the sense and incest of WINGS… ya fucked pal.

  • Seems to most that the “Unionists” are pretty chilled out UK voted out of EU, Scotland voted to stay in UK, D E M O C R A C Y a bitter pill for any neo-nationalist cult to swallow. 🙂
  • Let’s examine the recent major changes implemented the the SNP:

    – Curriculum for Excellence – disaster
    – Centralising the Police – disaster
    – Named person – disaster
    – LBTT – disaster

    Time we held them to account for their calamitous actions in May.

    SNP trying to bring British Transport Police into Police Scotland. SNP told AGAIN yesterday it will pose more danger to public as well as large delay costs as well as more police requiring training.

    George Orwell’s 1984 is an excellent read.

    The SNP and their band of orcs are screwing up Scotland more than the tories have ever done……………….time to go.

  • It boils, or at least renders down to this superb comment doing the rounds;Sturgeon: “the SNP is not racist or anti-English” ,,, the Gimp Fae Govan Sturgeon, you are 100% correct the SNP are Fascisti where the SNP Rats in the Sack have the political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader Sturgeon, with severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition, so when the SNP Rat Taxes kick in and the SNP “Screw up your Happiness” you know what to do if the Gimp Fae Govan Sturgeon has the balls to date stamp IndiRef2 and manages to take over “Total Control” of your country, then Scotland is finished and it puts a whole new meaning on “Foly Huck”…
  • Cats got the salmon more like…

    Balanced … no nae no never oh fishy one…

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