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Thoughts with Lynda. Maybe some of the regulars …

Comment posted ForArgyll on Pause by JB.

Thoughts with Lynda. Maybe some of the regulars might help keep things ticking over until newsie is in a position to make a come back?

I know I’ve gotten a lot from the site and happy to give something back. I’ll put my name down. Any other takers? Andrew?

Forargyll is a great site, an asset to anyone with interest in current affairs near and far.

JB also commented

  • Wearing is it?

    The so called point about the flexible tickets is a bit of a red herring – yes, they offer flexibility – and so you would expect at £3/400+ a pop rather than £60 for an Easyjet flight. Which btw, even at the very last minute can get you home for £146.99 in the worst case – the ‘flexibility’ argument doesn’t stand up.

    I simply don’t understand why people like you Longshanks will defend the SNP against anything. Why do you not support me that a party that complains endlessly about austerity should at least demonstrate some restraint themselves?

    These guys are on over £70,000 a year. Plus expenses. And you are defending them.

  • Wings most certainly didn’t make ‘mincemeat’.

    Two things are interesting here. Firstly, when in a hole, the SNP always have the backstop of ‘we’re no worse than anyone else’. Some measure. Secondly – they seem to think that because the flight was not technically a business class flight, spending £450 a pop rather than £80 is somehow acceptable.

    This is the very day Sturgeon took one of her day trips down to London to preach about austerity and how bad it is. Leather seats, plenty leg room, free breakfast, free booze on way home – austerity Westminster MP style.

    The same day that the SNP refused to celebrate the arrival of the first of a series of ships that have kept Grangemouth plant open and hundreds of jobs- thanks to, in part, a grant from..the Scottish Government. THey put money into a project that is totally dependant on Fracked gas – but refuse to allow fracking in Scotland.

    The same day Natalie McGarry is charged with embezzlement – this is the same McGarry that you know wings will have defended in the past Murdoch.

    Aye…a good one. Scotland is a mess and people like you will find any excuse for them. We should be booting them out and letting real politicians run the country. I’ve not mentioned CAP payments yet, of how Sturgeon incessantly talks Scotland down at every opportunity these days – apparantly Scotland being part of global trade again is not a good think. Apparantly bringing back sovereignty is bad. Apparantly leaving a totally corrupt and undemocratic organisation is to be regretted.

    My prediction – in 4.5years time, the Tories will be in minority government.

  • You miss the point completely. No surprise there tho, even although it’s you and I paying for it.
  • I can tell you – she gets on with no work. I know because I’ve sat near her on many occasions – along with most of the SNP posse. I’ve raised the issue of MPs choosing the most expensive method of getting from Edinburgh/Glasgow to London on these pages quite a few times in the past.

    London City is generally the most expensive airport to fly from, albeit extremely convenient if you work in the City – which the MPs don’t. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as ‘Business Class’ – unless that entitles you to choose your own seat and hold luggage tho.

    Rather than choose the very very cheap Easyjet flight, our MPs choose to fly from City, enjoy breakfast on the way down and a drink on the way back up as well as mixing with the business elite of London rather than the riff raff who choose Easyjet…

    Having done both routes equally over the years, the main let down of Gatwick is the shuttle to the other terminal. 30mins flat from Victoria. Vs two hot and crowded journeys on the Jubilee line and then over to the DLR.

Recent comments by JB

  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    You are talking down our country again. Do you live in Scotland btw?
  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    John, re: free movement of people – I have no preference either way. I’ve never worked in the EU and benefited from visa free stays. I’ve worked int he US and Philippines and also been to Australia on business – can’t say I had any big problems with that.

    Also – re: ‘the lies’ – can we not move past that? It’s a tired old line now, especially given that all these ‘lies’ were ‘exposed’ long before the actual vote, in debates, advertising, social media. If these were indeed ‘lies’ – anyone who took part in the debate knew about them and the counter claims.

    We need to move forwards. I know I am .

  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    Makes complete sense to me Murdoch – the EU/Commission etc will have been working round the clock wince the vote determining their negotiating positions. IT’s easy for those guys – they are completely unaccountable and so they can just decide as they please. On the other hand, in the UK there are different parties/groups/nations all the hugegy differing interests.

    Now of course, you could argue that the UK govt should just fire on without asking anyone whether they agree or have specific sacred cows they would like protected – but somehow I don’t think anyone in the UK would be happy with that.

    SO full marks to Mrs May – open negotiations when we’re ready and find as much common ground across the whole of the UK BEFORE negotiations start. Can’t say fairer than that.

  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    It’s interesting John – I think best/worst (depending on your take), we would accept this freedom but with restrictions excluding any future members or candidates (not such an issue possibly given tonight’s developments).

    Worst case/best case the rules are completely redefined – Germany might argue otherwise, but there are many other countries who would be more than happy to restrict freedom of movement – from Denmark to Austria and many in between.

    I think the interesting thing about Freedom of Movement of people whether EU or globally is that it’s treated as a sacred cow – of course, countries like Britain tend to be beneficiaries (I accept that when it is unrestricted, we cannot ignore the basic facts that growing your population at an uncontrolled rate means your servies simply cannot catch up), we forget the losers – the countries who lose their most talented people as soon as they are trained or qualified, or even before. That’s what we ignore – we’re very fortunate to have, as often cited, NHS workers who all corners of the globe – but at what cost to their home countries? ANyway, I digress. The decision has been made, the trajectory set – I think Mrs May has made a pretty good selection and it does give me confidence. Time of course will tell, but as I ask a lot of people at the moment – if you’re not happy, who would you have chosen?

  • May’s Cabinet looking good as it emerges

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