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The talk I hear at the moment is …

Comment posted With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay by mike.

the talk I hear at the moment is that the captain that hit the pier also hit the dock when taking the ferry for repair!! Anyone else heard this or is it just pub talk and a little stirring????

mike also commented

  • unlikely the bullshit will be left on the mainland. I remember Alan Reid “holding to account” BT and several other telecom providers regarding the state of broadband and the mobile phone services. That was very funny as I am sure that was done with everyone involved agreement. If the meeting on Islay provides the same entertainment it would be worth listening to, but don’t expect too many “results”
  • love a bit of spin, “technical Issues” the damn thing hit the pier – how can that be “technical” laziness, lack of attention, lack of skill, steering a boat without due care and attention, maybe but “technical” I doubt very much. The traveller suffers yet again

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