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Accident was on the bend just past the …

Comment posted Police Service for Scotland Lochgilphead: police reports fo week to 1st August 2016 by Lowry.

Accident was on the bend just past the pub, coming out of Kilmartin towards Lochgilphead. Road was closed at Ford Road end – not sure about the other side.

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  • Hey!!! When did the “Edit” button return? I’ve only just noticed it! Thanks – quite a relief.
  • If there were no serious injuries then those involved are very lucky indeed. What I saw was a mess.

    Once again, a major incident on one of our main roads and little option of a detour. Businesses affected, public transport affected and meetings cancelled. The only notice of the accident from Oban was, apparently, just outside Oban and at the Ford Road end where traffic was turned back. Nothing else along the route.

  • This morning road closed at Kilmartin due to a serious accident involving a log lorry. Looks horrific.

    Although the cause of the accident is yet to be determined I wonder when the powers that be will recognise that our rural roads are not suitable for such large wagons, with logs or wind turbines. Although the latter do tend to go much slower and with an escort.

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