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Edit to post above, it’s Tyndrum not Crianlarich; …

Comment posted Luss Estates opens unmanned 24 hour filling station in Luss car park – and Arrochar Mountain Rescue was first user by Jade.

Edit to post above, it’s Tyndrum not Crianlarich; Crianlarich has EV chargers! Tyndrum is 24 hours, if I recall correctly – I filled up there after midnight on one horrendous winter trip.

I take your point about people getting diverted, Lundavra. It’s one of the reasons I and others on the camping forum we belong to always stress the need to have plenty of fuel in the tank. Many visitors venturing into the Highlands and Argyll do not realise that filling stations can be few and far between and that alternative routes can be very long indeed!

Jade also commented

  • If you are heading north on A82 from Luss, the next filling station is at Crianlarich, then there’s one at Glen Coe and another at Onich. I always fill up heading home at Dumbarton.

    Not decrying the initiative though and it would be very good if more places could have such a facility.

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  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    I think it’s very courageous of you, Lynda, to give us all these details. And I hope everyone takes note.

    Having been engaged in a three year battle with BT, I’ve had a load of email scams (and yes, the shown email address is – these I forward every time to BT as they’re fraudulent but only had one around the time Tobermory was due to get “fibre” broadband. I expected a call from BT because I’d been complaining long and loud about our Internet connection and could back it up with over a year’s worth of daily speed tests and emails from BT, but they rang at the wrong time. I phoned BT later that day and, sure enough, we could get connected. If I’d waited till whoever caller was came back, I could well have been taken in, though, thankfully, I refuse to use Internet banking.

    Aside from the police, your bank, etc., have you thought about alerting, or ensuring that the police alert, neighbourhood watch groups? Now Police Scotland has established Rural Neighbourhood Watch schemes, it might be well asking.

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    And now the Isle of Mull has a technical issue – again!
  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons
    I do wonder if A Salmon and his friends ever realise that they are seriously alienating people who have previously supported the SNP by their often inane drivel?
  • Tobermory Harbour Association plans to buy land, pier and buildings at Aros Pier
    The THA’s plan includes far more than the restoration of the old pier and buildings, a water-taxi between the pontoons and restoration of the watermill, with which I totally agree. They are also looking at orienteering and cycling routes, Go-Ape type facility and a number of other things that’ll be franchised out. I’m sure it’ll be great for tourism, but,just as I remember what happened in the Cairngorms, for those who enjoy a quiet wander and peace and quiet, it’ll become a no go area if the bulk of their plans go ahead. Not worth raising concerns; they’ll be ridden roughshod over!
  • May’s Cabinet looking good as it emerges
    For some reason, the comment below which was posted on this thread mysteriously appeared of the Leadson thread:


    Leadsom quits with May to become PM

    Conservative leadership candidate, Andrew Leadsom, has quit the final contest to become party leader and next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, saying that she does not believe she has enough support to win and that a nine week leadership contest at this stage is not good for the country.
    She has endorsed the candidacy of Home Secretary Theresa May the sole remaining candidate who has very substantially led the contest from the outset.
    This situation is of benefit to Britain, with the country adrift of leadership since the Brexit decision and set for a prolonged drift at the very time when focused, purposeful, knowledgeable and strategic leadership is most necessary.
    Mrs May is now expected to be declared Prime Minister in the near future

    andrea leadsom · Argyll · bexit · Britain · consevative paty · Home Secretary · leadship contest · leadsom quits · next prime minister · Politics · soe and leading candidate · theresa may · UK · withdrawal

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    Next Argyll locations due for fibre broadband rollout
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    May’s Cabinet looking good as it emerges
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    Inveraray Highland Games hosts World Caber Championships for 8th successive year
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    Record number of dancers for Cowal Highland Gathering
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    Dalavich Improvement Group seeks to buy Forestry Commission land
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    13 hours ago
    Tobermory Harbour Association plans to buy land, pier and buildings at Aros Pier
    Well,that’s it then!
    Indi Ref 2 is on its way!
    Cruella will not be stealing our puppies.
    Ps. What a mess Ukok is in!!
    Time to wave goodbye.
    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 13
    A.SALMONJuly 11, 2016 3:14 pmReply
    And how are you going to occupy yourself on Ailsa Craig?
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    ROBERT WAKEHAMJuly 12, 2016 3:54 pmReply
    Andrew ? a typo or another runner ?
    “Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it.”
    now comes the positive rebound…1c up in a day, no doubt this will be extenuated shortly by Cameron handing over power ASAP… a bit of positivity works wonders…the media ( demi-gods of misinformation, spin and manipulation) should heed this fact and stop selling the “fear” game and embrace the challenges and rewards of change.
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    KARL HUGHESJuly 11, 2016 3:30 pmReply
    Latest financial news- Sterling is more unstable than Bitcoin!!!
    What a mess they made and then ran off!
    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 13
    A.SALMONJuly 11, 2016 3:35 pmReply
    Please AS continue to share more of your fantasies, they do nothing but amuse.
    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 6
    KARL HUGHESJuly 11, 2016 3:43 pmReply
    Source – The Independent today! Google and see.
    Embarrassing for the Westminster lemmings,but true never the less!
    The jokes on you,Karl!!
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    A.SALMONJuly 11, 2016 4:30 pmReply
    IndyRef2 – not a chance. If you can’t see why, you’ll never see.
    Sturgeon is backed into a corner here – with no way to independence to be seen.
    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 7
    JBJuly 11, 2016 7:11 pmReply
    The pound rallies on good news :
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    MALCOLM KIRKJuly 12, 2016 3:50 pmReply
    Siemens now saying they will not be leaving the UK despite previously claiming they would leave when we left the EU.
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    LUNDAVRAJuly 12, 2016 4:37 pmReply
    The pound is rallying at present because the markets are hedging short on Carney and Co dropping the interest rate to 0% .when that happens the pound will tank again ,probably to 1.18 USD.
    The pound will soon be a toxic currency.
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    A.SALMONJuly 12, 2016 4:44 pmReply
    Such an odd person – talking down your own country.
    Have more faith in your fellow countrymen and women. The only toxic currency is the Euro right now – but leaders are doing their damnedest to cover it up lest the whole eurozone collapse financially.
    I might sound a wee bit like our Murdoch but given the HSBC scenario reported in the press today along with some snippet from wikileaks, there’s a lot of backdoor dealing doing on to prop up the Eurozone.
    It’ll all come out in the wash – and the UK will look like a safe haven.
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    JBJuly 12, 2016 10:28 pmReply
    This is the next big problem, it has been ignored by Junker up till know and could be his downfall.
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    RICHARDJuly 13, 2016 6:46 amReply
    Is that a fact or did you hear it on the BBC?
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    A.SALMONJuly 13, 2016 7:33 am
    ” talking down MY country” I don’t think so JB.
    Westminster are hell bent on destroying YOUR country!
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    A.SALMONJuly 13, 2016 8:10 amReply
    The Union is in tatters,latest polls show over 58% set to vote for Scottish Independence.
    Can you blame folks for wanting out. Just look at the balloons in Westminster for clarity.
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    A.SALMONJuly 12, 2016 4:41 pmReply
    And as you so presciently stated here a few days ago ‘ Nicola Sturgeon can’t get us out now,she never will’ . Yet still NO move to Indy Re2f(2). Instead she is off to London for a breakfast chat with Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England. Maybe she is asking him for some tips how to set up Scotland’s Reserve Bank in order that it can apply for EU membership after Brexit becomes a tangible reality in what .. maybe 4 yrs possibly 8 yrs time?.
    She is also meeting the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, but it is not clear if that will be about Celtic’s recent failure
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    SCOTNATJuly 13, 2016 8:45 amReply
    Very wishful thinking on your part. 20% rise in food coming on stream shortly.
    I think you better think?
    Ps. Sturgeon will,due to Scottish public demand,press the button for Indi Ref 2.
    When Brexit starts to hit people hard in the pocket,which it will do,watch the demand for Indi grow. Heavens,I know you’ll be one of them.Wecome.
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    A.SALMONJuly 13, 2016 10:25 amReply
    Sturgeon only has one agenda and it dos not include strong leadership, it’s all about her and Independence at any cost.
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    RICHARDJuly 13, 2016 11:16 amReply
    I like Stugeon. Bright,articulate young woman. A credit to her Country.
    I admit,she isn’t in the same league as our “Masters,Overlords,betters,” darn Sarf. They are dim,ignorant and quite blatantly useless.
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    A.SALMONJuly 13, 2016 11:35 amReply
    Nicola Sturgeon is so’bright’ as A.Salmon states that it hasn’t sunk in yet that it was the UK that voted in the Referendum, not Scotland alone, which is part of the UK. She would be better spending her time trying to fix all that’s gone wrong in Scotland and less time trotting here & there trying to look as if she is achieving something!
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    ‘FELICITY’July 13, 2016 1:58 pmReply
    Happy hour?
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    A.SALMONJuly 13, 2016 2:41 pmReply
    Calm down, dears! Yeah, know that’s a red rag to a bull as I’ve had it said to me! What I meant was (I’m not a Tory), let’s just calm down and let TM get her act together – she has to do it quickly because a limbo of strong Westminster control of Westminster and Brexit will result in even more chaos. The woman has a huge and very scary task (and I hope she doesn’t follow Thatcher) to attempt to heal the vast divisiveness not only Indyref brought about but also Brexit.
    At the end of the day, UK is the EU member. TM has to put together a plan for Brexit based on getting the best deal for all the constituent parts and, whilst negotiations between those parts have to be established, blatant nationalism from any nation needs to be held in check so a coherent and potentially much stronger position for terms for EU exit are put forward. That does not preclude beneficial EU for Scotland but we have to have our own (uk) house in order first.
    My Dad, a dedicated Scot, died ten years ago at 97, no dementia. He was 8 when ww1 broke out and too old when ww2 broke out but was amongst many builders who were down in London during the Blitz keeping essential railway lines open. Everyone worked together then to avoid defeat – Brexit is a decision by the UK populace and we should work together to get the best possible deal

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