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I’m so glad you have highlighted this part …

Comment posted Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons by Sian Laidlaw.

I’m so glad you have highlighted this part of the Supreme Court’s judgement – apart from the legislation itself being deeply flawed and unworkable (who would want to be a midwife, health visitor or teacher in this Snoopers Charter with the responsibility lying firmly at your door should anything go wrong? And it will!), I have always regarded the intention behind the Named Person scheme as sinister and politically motivated. What better way for a political party currently in power intent on destroying a sovereign state than to start insidiously monitoring families under the guise of child protection and welfare AND manipulating the thought processes of the next generation from cradle to voting age! What safeguards are in place one wonders to ensure that the ‘Named Persons’ nominated and appointed aren’t also registered as SNP members or share the same ideology as the SNP??

I am astonished and disappointed in equal measures with the opposition parties at Holyrood for allowing the Named Person Scheme to get to this stage – wholly uncontested at the time – the Scottish Liberal Democrats forever wishy washy grey and woolly and can never decide what they want or what they believe in; the Scottish Labour Party so busy coming to terms with the fact that they are completely irrelevant in 21st century Britain, they have taken their eye off the ball; the Scottish Conservatives who initially voted ‘aye’ and then woke up and realized once the fight was on to stop the Named Person the actual implications and consequences of such state sponsored interference and now that the horse has bolted are trying to shut the proverbial stable door; the Scottish Greens are so busy trying to save the planet and erect wind farms all over the place, ironically they are destroying our beautiful landscape and have forgotten that people matter too. And that leaves the Scottish NATIONALIST Party whose sole aim and objective is to destroy the UK and turn Scotland into a separatist state with its roots embedded in German Nazism and ‘policies’ based on a type of socialism floundering and rejected elsewhere in the civilized world.

Ironically, democracy which Sturgeon and her ilk are so keen to loudly promote to whoever will listen, is being sold down the river in the name of nationalism and separatism.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

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  • Johnson remained the entertainer while Gove sold his integrity and his friends
    Never has politics been so entertaining – I say bring back Spitting Image 🙂
  • Game changer on indyref 2 if First Minister gets green light for an independent Scotland in EU
    I have been rather bemused and amused at Sturgeon’s headless chicken impression these past few days – while she and the SNP have been demonstrating their clear lack of understanding of the rules and membership of the EU and the definition of democracy, the Conservatives in Westminster have been getting on with the job in hand and calmly carrying on with business as usual. I do so love the stiff upper lip of the British.

    Sturgeon’s panic in recent days has confirmed one thing and one thing only to the watching world, an independent Scotland can not exsist or survive without being financially propped up by one union or another! But worse still – Sturgeon and the SNP are prepared to sell Scotland and the notion of decency and democracy down the pan in orderto get her own way. The EU know this and the last thing they are interested in is yet another small country requiring financial support and hanging on to the coat tails of the EU gravy train!

  • Argyll & Bute’s MP says ‘Brexit shown to be a slogan not a thought out plan’
    Not forgetting your fishy namesake Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney with their fantastical wishful thinking completely unrealistic deceitful white paper entitled Scotland’s Future published for the referendum in 2014 – aye finances run with caution!
  • Argyll & Bute’s MP says ‘Brexit shown to be a slogan not a thought out plan’
    ‘Despite Scotland and the people of Argyll & Bute voting emphatically to remain part of the European Union, we are facing the very real prospect of being dragged out of Europe against our will, due to the Brexit vote in the other parts of the United Kingdom.

    ‘Not only will that be extremely bad for Argyll & Bute and Scotland but it is I believe, profoundly undemocratic.’

    Brendan O’Hara – I’m sure you will read the comments in response to your own article – is this the same ‘profoundly undemocratic’ that England, Wales and Northern Ireland would have been faced with had the SNP succeeded in their ‘Scottish independence is just a slogan not a thought out plan’ way back in the day of 2014? Or is this just SNP democracy style rather than UK style? Please explain the difference and remember this before you continue to whinge and whine 1) This was a UK vote as the UK is the member state of the EU – not England, not Wales, not Northern Ireland and even believe it or NOT Scotland! 2) Scotland was the only UK region out of the 4 that had a vote in the independence referendum – how democratic. Guess what? Scotland is not that special that it can have it’s cake and eat it 😉

  • Argyll & Bute’s MP says ‘Brexit shown to be a slogan not a thought out plan’
    Fact Checker Clootie Dumpling – Wales voted to leave too!

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