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Great news, but surely the nearest 24 hour …

Comment posted Luss Estates opens unmanned 24 hour filling station in Luss car park – and Arrochar Mountain Rescue was first user by Iain McCallum.

Great news, but surely the nearest 24 hour station must be Dumbarton rather than Fort William? I know its a bit away, but it is closer than 64 miles from Arrochar

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    Gaelic is a real minority language, but down here in Welsh Wales the ability to speak the (minority) language is nothing less than an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs, especially in the public sector. I don’t know where your friends children’s University friends were from, but in reality no-one, especially in the younger generation even if educated in the medium of Welsh, cannot speak English to a fluent level sufficient to get on in the English speaking world
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    But who should NATO have retaliated against Alistair? A bunch of individuals not affiliated to any country in particular? And I agree with you regarding the EU’s failure to defend. Julian Thompson was just highlighting how the EU is not, and has not, been capable of keeping the peace since the war, despite that old chestnut being trotted out time and again by the Europhiles. Ukraine and Kosovo being the prime examples of the ineptitude of that organisation
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    Crikey I hope the driver and passengers of that blue car did the lottery when they got down, cause they are fortunate as can be. How scary is that??
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    Well done to them all and great that they have been recognised for the great work they have done
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    I don’t agree with the decision, mainly because our 16 planes from our (Tory) depleted RAF will hardly make a difference. But neither do I believe that as a result of this vote we are any more or any less under threat from attack. That threat is already there and being dealt with by the security services, and will not increase

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