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What exactly are the information sharing provisions that …

Comment posted Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons by Murdoch MacKenzie.

What exactly are the information sharing provisions that are outwith the Scottish Governments powers. Are they within the powers of someone else?
It seems to me that information has to be shared if children at risk are going to be removed from dangerous parents and their partners.

Murdoch MacKenzie also commented

  • They’re not aircraft carriers, they’re Gordon Brown’s vote spinners.
    You need naval aircraft and naval warships for an aircraft carrier battle group. We’ve got neither.
    They should hold a national competition for the best use to make of them. Testing anti ship missiles is not allowed as a use, unless nobody can come up with a better idea.
  • Not another BT die-hard that can’t hide his anti Scots agenda. The Court Of Session give the Government the all clear. These Lords down South have picked a nit in their judgement and are asking the Court of Session to have another look at Section 8, or whatever it’s called.
    It’s not going to make any difference, it’s going to happen. I suppose some find anything that attacks Scots worthwhile even if the facts are that the Scottish Government is taking a stance to protect children while the Westminster Government takes a stance to protect the abusers.
  • These Micro Tweeks will cost the tax payer a micro percent of the cost of each of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Trident, Hinkley Point, HS2 all of which were and are against the wishes of Scots.
  • Yeah! Let’s have a second chamber like at Westminster, so that when we vote them out the parties elect them to the second chamber so that they can continue to work against our wishes.
    That’s one of the main issues we Scots have with the UK set up. We already elect Regional MSP’s in Scotland. Most voters were with the SNP but they need agreement with other parties in Holyrood to pass legislation.
    The Tories and Labour are politicizing child protection, at least on this site. Once the courts have agreed on the finer points Scottish children will get the support that they need.
  • Has my post been blocked because I said that the Guardian has joined the presstitutes.

Recent comments by Murdoch MacKenzie

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    If you can’t see that all the lies are coming from the Clinton/Obama camp and the lunatics that think they can push American voters back from their choice of The Donald as their Leader to drain the swamp, then you do not understand that the US voters, ably assisted by social media, especially Wikileaks, are riding back to power on a wave of truth.
    You need to stop watching and listening to the lies of the MSM, the people have found them out as voter events in England, the US and soon in many EU nations are hopefully going to result in a clearing out of the stables. It won’t be easy but the truth will overcome.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Where’s the SNP guy on here who prophesied a $60 barrel by New Year? Were there bets involved? It’s only at $55 but it’s a bit more complicated than that.
    Back then a $35 barrel was worth £25 in confetti money.
    Today a $55 barrel is worth £44.50 of Brexit Pounds.
    At the rate pertaining when the bets were placed that would be almost $63.
  • SNP MP backs call for CalMac to put MV Coruisk back on Mallaig-Armadale service – and is to go direct to the Transport Minister
    If we step back 12 months and apply your 1:8 slipway solution, then it should be built on Mull and the Coruisk could be returned to where she was designed to operate.
  • SNP MP backs call for CalMac to put MV Coruisk back on Mallaig-Armadale service – and is to go direct to the Transport Minister
    You may have your finger on the pulse there Scott.
    The people of Sleat and their MP were up in arms again this week with the arrival there of the Loch Fyne from Lochaline-Fishnish. She has been there in the past doing relief work and since she went up there this week she has been alongside both link-spans one time only at each.
    She still hasn’t been for her annual refit so I’m wondering if they are planning changes to her ramps that might work better at the lower tides that were causing the problems this summer.
    Another interesting thing happened this afternoon. The Isle of Lewis was storm bound in Oban so she went and spent half an hour at Craignure. At the time there was 2 Mtrs of a falling tide above chart datum, I’m not sure what the minimum depth is there or if it could be dredged deeper if required.
    There seem to be a lot of balls in the air, as they say, and it may be that Coruisk might return home next summer.
  • New Transport Minister humiliates CalMac MD
    I see the Heb Isles has returned to Cammel Lairds. She left there on the morning tide with destination Oban but she’s spent all day dodging off the coast and has gone back in on the tide and is now going back into the outer basin. She’s supposed to be taking over a route tomorrow, I wonder if it’s Craignure? The LOTI was meant to come back to South Uist/Mallaig at the weekend and Isle of Arran would have moved to Oban with the Heb Isles doubling up on Islay. I hope the Isle of Mull is not booked in at another dock or there could be contract problems if she can’t be released.

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