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Absolutely delighted at the Supreme Court ruling. The …

Comment posted Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons by Speaking Frankly.

Absolutely delighted at the Supreme Court ruling.
The Named Person legislation is perhaps well intentioned but ill-conceived and is typical of an SNP government which always knows better and just won’t listen even to those, often experts in the particular field who although broadly supportive voice legitimate concerns.
The list of issues over which they have faced legal challenge and lost grows, and the amount of money they have wasted on appeals to attempt to “get their own way” similarly grows.
Sometimes the mature response is to say “OK we got that wrong”……….but that is a phrase I suspect we will never hear from the SNP.

Speaking Frankly also commented

  • I think that it is absolutely despicable that anyone should suggest, just to attempt to score a cheap political point that people who do not support the Named Person proposals “wish to ensure that children are not protected from harm”.
    My views on the matter are entirely child centred and apolitical and I afford those who agree with me and those who do not the courtesy of assuming they operate from the same fundamental principle.
    The opinion of Scottish professionals working in the childcare/education sector was far from unanimous on the matter but no one was stupid enough to suggest that those opposed were not equally concerned about protecting children. The discussion was about the best way to do it!

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  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    Talking of lying. Salmond said that our membership of the European Community would be automatic and also that he had legal advice to that effect. In the event neither of his assertions proved to be true.
    Of course a lie is only a lie if it comes from your opponents cf Carmichael?
    An interesting concept?


  • The measure of Britain – who cares about Gibraltar?
    An interesting article, but why do you conclude that no-one is listening or talking to the representatives of Gibraltar?
  • What now for Scotland?
    I voted to remain but the European Community I voted to remain in has changed already, dramatically and not for the better by the UK vote and were there to another referendum on EU membership for Scotland tomorrow I don’t know how I would vote.

    Given the difficulties experienced by being members of the single currency I suspect that not many Scottish people would warm to having the Euro imposed upon them and “hard” border controls etc probably wouldn’t appeal either.

    It is therefore important that the Scottish Government does not take the view that the 62% of those who voted to remain in the European Community on Thursday would vote in the same way if asked again, because it is an entirely different set of circumstances. There have already been, to use the First Minister’s phrase “material changes”.

    So we need an honest and strategic response to the changed set of circumstances and not an opportunistic one.

    There clearly is some justification for putting a second Independence Referendum back on the agenda, but a very significant number of questions need to be answered and answered with absolute clarity before the Scottish people could reasonably be expected to make a mature and informed judgement about how they should vote.

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