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The brexit ears and other right wing nut …

Comment posted UK Supreme Court to hand down judgment on Named Person provision next Thursday by No Cheese Here.

The brexit ears and other right wing nut jobs are like the US T-party on heat. Snp was elected with the proposals in the manifesto, UKIP and others no where.

Tories lib dems have covered up the like of Saville , Cyril smith etc . Are you safe with them? No chance

Brexit ears suck it up you are in the minority . NCH lol

No Cheese Here also commented

  • pretend scotnat or brit nat. So The First Minister has a mandate and so what!! A wee tinge of detected anger there anglobrit nat. The FM has more of a mandate that creepy drawers I’m in no I’m oot no I’m kinda in May. Just like the other Dick the eejit Eexitteers are now fighting with the Scots, Irish, Northern Irish and the EU. The ruk economy going down the swannee and the Chanc of the Exchequer trying his best with the Chinese to confirm that RUK needs them to build a nuclear power station with the French,. So much for being the powerhouse of industry. Scotland voted to remain -get used to it exitteers or pack your bags and head south as you have promised like dame moan. We need the homes for all the new jobs being created when ruk goes pearshape.
  • A pretendy Scot nat or ruler appears once again.

    Simple for you rukkers First Minister has the support of Holyrood. I’m surprised Iraq Carol got through the English ports. Has the work dried up IC? Or you been found out lol. Not sure you should be hiding here.

  • The Christian institute – bunch of right wing numpty heads. Was not one of the main objectors from Carlisle! Engerlund.

    What if your agnostic, atheist, or dare I say the word in case the rukkers begin to froth, Islamic

  • Ha the hypocrisy is with the rukists. Vote to remain with Uk and you will not get booted out of the EU the No’s declared. Fact.
    Now many No’s are seeing through the lies, delays in frigate building, RUK currency down.
    Scotland can stand on its own 2 feet thanks and within the EU. The Ruk’s mainly Tory, ukippy types with a little englander mentality don’t want to engage with real world. Many No’s are moving to see the sense in not been told by May, or Johnston how to run OUR country. So toddle pip off you guys said you would leave anyway.
  • English court majority of judges decides on Scots Law. Maybe with brexit this will stop?

    No I didn’t think so. Saw the English Solicitor general telling MP’s yesterday that the sovereignty of the people in Scotland will be ignored and he decides. Would be good if the Scots Solicitor General told him to ……

Recent comments by No Cheese Here

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Splang goes splut.

    His favourite term. Fascists

    His love of them knows no bounds. Yet he uses the term to hide behind his right wing brexit credentials. Funny lot the ruk’s.

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Ha ha what a response. On Valentine’s Day as well! Sitting under your wee rock splang. Oops maybe it’s splat.

    Tories found out as liars destroying the UK with their brexit. Leave with no agreement. £ heading down. Import prices going up. Wee splat has nothing to say.

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Alex – stop being a wee boy spitting out their dummy

    Scotland is in the Eu. Should it choose it will remain in the Eu. It meets the criteria.

    Wee brexiters are getting a bit worked up . Indy2 is coming

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Plug hates nationalism?

    Hate is a very negative emotion but heh there are ways to deal with such issues.
    You must hate the UN it is full of independent states. Have you never heard of civic nationalism?, so many different types of course . Your hatred has forced you into 1 way of thought. Bit like Steve Barlow who hates as well.
    The democratic vote of Scotland was to remain. By 62%. Yet you would ignore this? The Scottish elections – you ignore this? Westminster elections – you ignore this? The No campaign literature of which there is plenty made it clear to Voters– vote No – remain in the Eu. Things have changed. Brexiters and britnats will need to get used to it.

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Poor plugit- hate the French. Is it because the English and French are all Norman?
    See Machrihanish as a space port delayed due to the brexit right wingers like plug it. Well done brexiters . Thought everything would get better?

    Looks like this right wing neo con web page is on its lasts legs

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