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I agree. Events since the Brexit referendum …

Comment posted Turkey’s military coup raises issues to be confronted here in Britain by Scotnat.

I agree. Events since the Brexit referendum have given NS and the SNP every reason to commit to IndyRef(2). Yet still NO commitment.

The SNP obviously want to indulge in a ‘phoney war ‘ re any commitment to Indyref(2), but if the SNP maintains the Brexit Referendum validates their right to hold Indyref(2) then the same premis validates rUK saying all bets are off, regarding any undertakings made by UK govt during the 2014 Referendum.

The Attorney General has clearly stated that Holyrood has no “veto” and said “all of the UK” would leave. Theresa M at PMQ’s yesterday told the leader of the SNP group at Westminster, Angus Robertson, that “some of the ideas being put forward are impracticable’, but she is “willing to listen to options”.

The time is rapidly approaching when rUk may well say to Nicola S ‘ PUT UP or SHUT UP ‘.

Bring it on. But the SNP’s prevarication suggests ,to quote Maggie Thatcher, that Nicola S and the SNP are’ frit’

Scotnat also commented

  • Indi by 2019 ? Pigs will Fly

    To remind you, it took 2 years from the Edinburgh Agreement to even hold Indy(1) , with Alex S suggesting March 2016 would be Independance Day . His assumptions of such a speedy transition were (1) successful negotiation of a sterling union with rumpUK, (2) successful negotiation of Scotland’s application for EU membership which in turn was based based on ALL EU members accepting Alex S’ unique interpretation of EU admission protocols.(3) continued UK membership of the EU .

    UK’s continued EU membership was Alex S’ smokescreen to assume (1) that Scotland would have a speedy seamless successful application to join the EU ,and (2) all UK opt -outs would be seamlessly duplicated.

    But for Indy(2) to be even held (1) the sterling union cannot be offered (2) any application for EU membership can only be processed if Scotland becomes an Independent state whilst UK withdraws from the EU, (3) an Independent Scotland will have to negotiate its own opt-outs .

    I suggest optimists for Independence look again at the SNP ‘Scotland’s Future Your Guide to Independence’ to understand the enormity of the EU opt -outs which the SNP is already committed to successfully negotiate for any Independent Scotland.

    In 2014, Alex S and the SNP was universally ridiculed for his ‘compressed time table’ to independence. Yet for UK to leave the EU Alex S has suggested a 7 year timetable Obviously he simply makes it up as he goes along.

    All of which explains why NS has NOT called for Indyref(2), whilst bizarrely demanding Scotland a place/role in any Brexit negotiations?

    But what has this to do with political developments in Turkey?

Recent comments by Scotnat

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay

    Not a bleat. Scottish Govt Ferry provision has a problem

    I suggest you re-read the SNP’s manifesto of promises for the 2014 Referendum, to correct your obvious ignorance of what the SNP pledged it would offer an Independent Scotland re Ferry service provision. The SNP only pledged to deliver its 2012 Ferry Plan . That makes no offer of 24 hr services
    on summer routes. SNP government is currently failing to deliver its 2012 Ferry Plan.

    Accepting your premis that a 24 hr ferry service would be a ‘given’ in an Independent Scotland, it would appear from this article by Alex Neil, (Former SNP cabinet Minister) this gonna be a long timing coming, if ever.


    Oh ..and by the way ….Norway’s coastal ferries, unlike Scotland’s, are NOT run, and owned by the State

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    How come, on Monday, Calmac announce that the MV Isle of Arran will be re-deployed to the Islay service from Tuesday, yet very early Tuesday morning sail MV Hebridean Isles from Greenock with repairs completed. Meanwhile MV Arran does not move from the Clyde, and goes back on the Arran service!

    This suggests woeful ship-management.

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    It has taken going into the 3rd week of chaos on the Islay route for Calmac /Scottish Transport to get round to implementing a credible option to minimise disruption.And what is it? To run the MV Finlaggan round the clock, on a 24 hour service. Does it take an Einstein to come up this plan of action? NO. Instead Islay was offered a slow speed log- transporter which could only operate in benign sea conditions .

    If a Calmac ferry can operate 24 hrs a day in these circumstances, why can’t the Calmac network operate its major routes on a round the clock basis particularly during Summer peak periods,similar to Norway?

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    And now the MV Lochinvar is out of service due to a technical issue with her propulsion system

    Is this fleet breakdown a statistical co-incidence, or due to poor planned maintenance management ?

  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons

    And not a senior SNP MP or MSP marching with them!!

    NS stayed away to recover from the YouGOV poll showing she still can’t win IndyRef(2).

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