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A few nights in the Bar-l should cure …

Comment posted Ritual expressions can find their moment by Graeme McCormick.

A few nights in the Bar-l should cure them.

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  • Prime Minister May clear that Scotland stays in the British union
    It’s very unfair of Newsie to suggest that Scots don’t embrace the Union. We’ve contributed much to the Union and continue to do so even those of us who argue for Independence because we know that no country operates in a parallel universe with its neighbour.

    Unless you are a conspiracy theorist how can one suggest that the EU has been an impediment to UK trade expansion when UK government own reports clearly show that states like Denmark with a twelfth of the UKs population has a bigger trading account with China. ?

    We won’t face a closed border because the UK supermarkets who have been the paymasters of the U.K. Parties won’t tolerate it as they will then lose even more market share to Lidl, etc.

    But even if that assessment is wrong and there is a loses border so what?

    Agrekko sells to over 150 countries from its base in Dumbarton with closed borders and does so very well.

    Successful business adapt to changing circumstance. That’s what Scottish entrepreneurs did in the Union at a time when the UK parliament hardly legislated for Scotland at all except in time of War.

    All challenges are opportunities. We as a nation will not be found wanting.

  • Johnson’s first outing as Foreign Secretary should be to Russia
    Good idea but UK is hardly an independent broker given its NATO membership.

    It’s time to embrace Russia even if we think it’s belligerent towards its former associates. Most money laundering and online fraud emanates from Russia. This has resulted in a huge compliance industry in the West which is a failure and costs consumers a fortune.

    We’ll never tackle corruption until we engage with the Russian government as partners against it. Protocols could be put in place to this end.

  • Helensburgh’s Gordon Reid wins first Wimbledon Men’s Wheelchair Singles competition
    Gordon deserves the Freedom of Helensburgh
  • A plea – if Theresa May becomes PM
    For someone who uses online devices Newsie would deny others. Not very democratic
  • Game changer on indyref 2 if First Minister gets green light for an independent Scotland in EU
    UDI works provided that sufficient states recognise the country as a state. UK constitutional arrangements are of little consequence if other countries recognise Scotland as a state.

    If the EU agree to welcome Scotland as a member then the UK would be in an impossible position to try and block Scottish independence. The RUK’s international reputation would be far worse that it suffered after Suez

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