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Murdoch, I cannot give you a definitive answer …

Comment posted Sturgeon thrashing wildly on currency again – as EU says it will consider only a new joining application from an independent Scotland by Jade.

Murdoch, I cannot give you a definitive answer for all those who in England who voted for Brexit but here is a flavour from friends down south who did:
* totally fed up with being dictated to by Westminster that ignores our part of the country
* tired of local jobs disappearing thanks to EU regulations
* immigration in a number of ways: losing out to immigrants on housing lists (this from a disabled person currently living with daughter’s family in totally unsuitable accommodation); feeling threatened in the community because so many immigrants have moved in and taken over and not integrating; issues about medical treatment and parents sick of their kids being in the minority of English language speakers at school.
* deep distrust over the way the EU is run, the amount of money paid in, the EU gravy train and corruption.

Not all these comments come from the elderly; many come from people in their 20s and 30s with a good education and qualifications and either in work or trying to find work. Most of them acknowledge some good the EU has done but their bad experiences outweighed the good.

OK, I accept this is only a snapshot of folks I know from the north-east and in the shires of England and isn’t representative of the whole, but is given as an illustration. On a purely personal level, I find it interesting that so many Tory shires voted Brexit.

Recent comments by Jade

  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    I think it’s very courageous of you, Lynda, to give us all these details. And I hope everyone takes note.

    Having been engaged in a three year battle with BT, I’ve had a load of email scams (and yes, the shown email address is – these I forward every time to BT as they’re fraudulent but only had one around the time Tobermory was due to get “fibre” broadband. I expected a call from BT because I’d been complaining long and loud about our Internet connection and could back it up with over a year’s worth of daily speed tests and emails from BT, but they rang at the wrong time. I phoned BT later that day and, sure enough, we could get connected. If I’d waited till whoever caller was came back, I could well have been taken in, though, thankfully, I refuse to use Internet banking.

    Aside from the police, your bank, etc., have you thought about alerting, or ensuring that the police alert, neighbourhood watch groups? Now Police Scotland has established Rural Neighbourhood Watch schemes, it might be well asking.

  • Luss Estates opens unmanned 24 hour filling station in Luss car park – and Arrochar Mountain Rescue was first user
    Edit to post above, it’s Tyndrum not Crianlarich; Crianlarich has EV chargers! Tyndrum is 24 hours, if I recall correctly – I filled up there after midnight on one horrendous winter trip.

    I take your point about people getting diverted, Lundavra. It’s one of the reasons I and others on the camping forum we belong to always stress the need to have plenty of fuel in the tank. Many visitors venturing into the Highlands and Argyll do not realise that filling stations can be few and far between and that alternative routes can be very long indeed!

  • With Heb Isles in for repairs, CalMac charters replacement vessel to reduce underprovision for Islay
    And now the Isle of Mull has a technical issue – again!
  • Luss Estates opens unmanned 24 hour filling station in Luss car park – and Arrochar Mountain Rescue was first user
    If you are heading north on A82 from Luss, the next filling station is at Crianlarich, then there’s one at Glen Coe and another at Onich. I always fill up heading home at Dumbarton.

    Not decrying the initiative though and it would be very good if more places could have such a facility.

  • Supreme Court finds for appellants on Named Persons
    I do wonder if A Salmon and his friends ever realise that they are seriously alienating people who have previously supported the SNP by their often inane drivel?

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