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The xenophobic fascist right is on the march …

Comment posted Sturgeon thrashing wildly on currency again – as EU says it will consider only a new joining application from an independent Scotland by willie.

The xenophobic fascist right is on the march in England. They want reclaim their country from the foreigners they hate. The Germans, the French, those with a different skin tone, the resentment is palpable. And will they come to resent Jock and Paddy. Of course they will. 1930s Germany, 2010s England – history repeats.

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  • HMS Ambush ambushed off Gibraltar
    Yes, and these Europeans better know who is the power in the area. Spain now knows they could easily have gotten it.

    Time for these Europeans to wind their necks in, hic !

    As a recent conservative said, we should not forget, we won the war, Germany lost.

  • HMS Ambush ambushed off Gibraltar
    Lucky that the whole heap of shit didn’t end up on the bottom.

    That would certainly have given the Europeans something to think about with a crippled UK nuke lying on the bottom.

    Ah well, better a nuclear disaster off the coast of Spain then off the coast of Scotland.

  • May’s Cabinet looking good as it emerges
    Remember Thatcher’s Francis of Assissi speech. Harmony where there is discord and all that bull. Look how that turned out. No doubt we’ll come to hate May every bit as much as Thatcher. Same kind, even more right wing policies and someone we didn’t vote for.
  • The measure of Britain – who cares about Gibraltar?
    ” telt ” and Hollyrood will be telt too.
  • The measure of Britain – who cares about Gibraltar?
    Like Jocko, Gibbo”s electoral choice counts for Diddly Squat. So tough luck the Gibbos, you’ll do what you’re text.

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