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Oh dear an allegation published in a book …

Comment posted Arrogance and ignorance of ‘SNP chief’ could lose the grassroots by willie.

Oh dear an allegation published in a book about our Prime Minister putting his genatalia into the mouth of a dead Pig and we have Integrity somehow suggesting that such behaviour doesn’t warrant moral outrage.

Is it really being suggested that necrophilia and bestiality are acceptable because it was a long time ago.

Seems that it is.

Well there are stories about paedophilia rings in Westminster and we all know how Saville was comprehensively covered up.

Still waiting too for the BBC to say what the allegations against Cameron but of course, the BBC was at the heart of child sex abuse.

Indeed,just look at the line of BBC stars now languishing in jail – and of course their biggest star Sir Jimmy Saville had a thing about dead bodies.

A bit like putting your genetalia in a dead Pig.

Thoroughly depraved and no amount of time ameliorates such behaviour for anyone.

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    JB.For your information the SNP abolished Prescription Tax. Labour want to bring it back for the millionaires. Taking therefore your comments about the costs of collecting taxes, how many millionaires are there in Scotland and how much would Prescription Taxing them raise. More Mickey Mouse economics from the Labour Party methinks. Pure Disneyland!
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    Not that I am in anyway against people buying their own house but how much of this 1% increase on everyone’s income tax be spent on Kezia Dugdale’s proposal to give £6,000 to every first time buyer fortunate enoough to save a deposit. And what guarantee is there that this 1% won’t be spent on the absolutely fabulous golden goodbyes being dished out to senior managers. Many of these golden goodbyes run to hundreds and hundreds of thousands per individual and the policy has been a gravy train in Labour run councils at huge public expense. And will the 1% increase in income tax make it easier for everyone to pay variously quoted 15% to 20% council tax increase that Labour also want us to pay.
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