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“It was the UK government that promised to …

Comment posted Labour in helpless self-harm over Blair money by Lowry.

“It was the UK government that promised to put up border posts and make our families foreigners…”

I’m not sure the UK government made such a promise but I do recall it was made clear that if the two independent countries had different immigration rules then border controls would have to be put in place. This would happen anywhere in the world in the same situation.

Lowry also commented

  • The “comfort”, as you call it, was on one point only – support for the Union.

    As far as I’m aware neither Labour nor Convservative have much “comfort” with any other policies.

    I think the SNP has forgotten who they went to bed with in order to try to seperate the Union. I’m sure the Greens really support the SNP’s love of oil!

    I was delighted when all major pro-Union parties joined together – it allowed us to listen to their joint argument and, as the result showed, gave confidence to the majority of voters to keep the Kingdom united.

  • Sorry to disagree, Patsy. Alan Reid may be a quiet and mild mannered gentleman but he certainly ain’t weak! If he’s disagreed with his own party he has said so and he has fought tirelessly for Argyll at Westminster.
    If he loses to another candidate we will soon notice the difference. We only need to look at what a difference Russell and Mackenzie have made – zilch. Too scared to go against their Holyrood masters and with O’Hara declaring he will similarly obey Argyll will suffer if the SNP get in.
  • Thanks for helping Mr Semple to come clean about his history, Bob. Of course, he won’t think anything applies to him now that he’s not an elected representative.
  • Why don’t you tell us what you know she’s like, John, rather than keep making these boring comments about her?

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