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Vote SNP to close the Base. 11,000 jobs …

Comment posted Labour in helpless self-harm over Blair money by Isla.

Vote SNP to close the Base. 11,000 jobs sail down to Wales. Close the biggest employer in Argyll & Bute with no compensation. If it has taken Dunoon years to recover from closing the Holy Loch it will be worse if the SNP close Faslane.

Isla also commented

  • Is that the official SNP spin. From an anonymous source. Where is Brendan O’Hiding. O’Hara is a pal of Alex Salmond – job done!
  • The LibDems aren’t taking over Independence House in Helensburgh. Just tying the SNP to the toxic Dances they know will cut a few hundred from the SNP vote. Brendan O’Hara is proving to be a divisive candidate and members are drifting away. They don’t want the Dances to make thousands of pounds in cash from the SNP. Brendan O’Hara and his gang have blocked the formation of a new SNP branch in the Lomond North ward. It is falling apart for the SNP but they will still win if the Unionist vote splits evenly.

Recent comments by Isla

  • Jackie Baillie says Council must learn lessons after damning Audit Scotland report on ADP services procurement
    The Kilmory rumour mill is churning again. The contest to replace Jackie Baillie has started. Recent SNP convert Vivian Dance has started her campaign to be the SNP candidate. James Robb must be the obvious council candidate. He is still the brains within the SNP Council Group. Councillor Dance has shown no ability to work within political groups. It will be interesting to see if she takes the SNP whip.
  • Council Leader reshuffles the pack
    I am not a councillor but I do get reliable information. James Robb had to be silenced as he wanted the SNP to oppose the Administration cuts. Donald Kelly resigned from Dick Walsh’s Project Board for Service Cuts and was replaced by Alex MacNaughton. Argyll First have nobody on this now and secretly been replaced in the Administration by SNP. The are still being allowed to keep extra payments to Dougie Philand as Depute Leader, Robert MacIntyre as Chair of Bute and Cowal and John MacAlpine for Health Board. Donald Kelly wants to pull out completely but the others want to stay for the money. Ordinary members of Administration want Argyll First kicked out.
  • Council Leader reshuffles the pack
    With some guidance from his old boss Sally Loudon, Sandy Taylor has moved his SNP group to the right and struck a deal to support Dick Walsh’s Administration. It is all hush hush as the SNP are banned from deals with Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Taylor has sacked and silenced James Robb. Taylor and his new Deputy Richard Trail publicly supporting Dick Walsh and his brilliance. They both gave evidence to Audit Scotland that everything was perfect in the council now. In return they get their office done up and a pay rise for Sandy Taylor if he toes the line.
  • Report highlights full extent of council borrowing
    Great view of eclipse from Pulpit Hill!
  • Report highlights full extent of council borrowing
    Integrity see my posts above about how useless Argyll and Bute Council is.

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