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JnrT, the point you make is not threatening …

Comment posted Labour in helpless self-harm over Blair money by richard.

JnrT, the point you make is not threatening employees, all public companies have to carry out a risk assessment of their business, if they found that independence with no fiscal plan amongst other issues was a danger to the future performance of the busines they are duty bound to advise their shareholders in their annual report, obviously the employees must be made aware as well. This is old ground, these days companies will ‘up stumps’ if they feel the political climate and tax policies are going to damage them, companies want a stable political climate to operate in.

richard also commented

  • Machmaolain, try looking up O’Hara and mind games!
    you might get the message.
  • Or maybe he’s playing mind games! Then he’s got the launch of Alex’s book,
  • JnrT, that’s a pretty strong accusation you make, we’re these employees intimidated? Was anything put in writing to them.
    Was Mr O’Hara director and producer of mind games?
  • Bob, Mr Semple gets upset about the ‘english pound’ #ad it seems anyone who accepts it.

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    The Chinese call it the ‘Scottish Shambles’
    I wonder why the 1st minister didn’t tell us about the email from the Chinese telling her to piss off.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    AS, Mrs May has said no to the stupid demands so get on with holding Indyref 2.
    In the meantime tax us into the ground and watch people and companies leave
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    AS, you seem to have forgotten Ms Sturgeon’s secret meeting with the Chinese, perhaps the remaining bits of Scotland already belong to them.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    What are you worried about, soon Scotland will belong to a Danish billionaire!
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Mrs May more popular in Scotland than Ms Sturgeon!
    Hero to Zero?

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