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Really Robert, you must try and read things …

Comment posted Sir Ian Wood: Young voters must know Scotland will have little oil and gas output when they are middle aged by Murdoch MacKenzie.

Really Robert, you must try and read things first. I can understand that it upsets you that people have different views from you but please don’t jump in with such invective.
I said that my experience in “smaller and less oil rich countries than ours” told me that Wood Group and the Oil Industry would adjust. Nothing to do with Offshore.
I never said that Sir Iain was talking through his arse.
I have also never said that the sun shines out of Putin’s arse. I have said that Putin is Putin, he’s the leader of Russia, a country that is being attacked for standing against the Neocon Zionist world hegemony, a country that sacrificed much for all of humanity and in my view is doing so still.

Murdoch MacKenzie also commented

  • Willie has his finger on the pulse, he can recognise a naysayer when he sees one and this site is a magnet for these types.

    Sir Iain Wood is not an oilman in the true sense of the word. His company provides services to the oil industry so when they say jump he asks how high.
    He was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth with the family owning a fleet of deep water trawlers and a shipyard in Aberbeen. The arrival of the oil industry came at an opportune time for them as the loss of the Icelandic fishing grounds was biting and a lot of trawlers ended up as the first offshore safety vessels.
    They had a lot of different companies from day one and I remember a guy I knew from Edinburgh telling me that he had been for an interview. They offered him a job with the John Wood Maintenance and he refused because of the low rate offered. As he was leaving they called him back and asked him if he would work for OPM at the Offshore Agreement rate. When I met him on the accommodation barge in the Brent field, both companies had men on there on separate contracts. They were affectionately called the Woodentops.
    They made some very good moves, into niche markets like fire and gas safety, maintenance joint ventures with major machinery manufacturers and as the years passed they took over some well known service companies including Mustang in Houston.
    Wood Group are obviously quite comfortable in the status quo, it’s the people who are not and want to have a say in the future of their country and where their children will live and work that will matter on referendum day.
    Once we vote Yes the oil industry and Wood Group will readily adjust. I know, from experience,that they both do in far smaller and less oil rich countries than ours.

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