Update and photos on A83 at Rest and Be Thankful

BEAR Scotland has sent us the photographs below of the situation folliwng the minor landslide at Rest and Be Thankful which has not seen the closure of the road.

The latest situation update says:

‘Good progress continues to be made on site at A83 RaBT following yesterdays minor landslide.

A82 minor landslide a83 rant 3

‘Debris material has been removed from site and further material and cleaning of ditches is continuing.

‘Temporary traffic signals will remain in place during these operations and it is anticipated that the road will be reopened by 16:00.

‘A Further update will be issued around at 13:00.’

Parliamentary question

Jamie McGrigor, Highlands & Islands Conservative MSP, has raised the latest landslip on the A83 trunk road at the Rest & Be Thankful, with the Scottish Government today, 16th January, through a written Parliamentary question.

The MSP, who has consistently pressed successive Scottish Transport Ministers to put in place long term solutions to minimise the risk of landslides closing the A83 says:

‘With the amount of rain we have experienced lately, landslips are sadly to be expected, especially in this section of the road which is so renowned for them.

‘Any landslip is a cause for concern and, while I am pleased the road has not been closed to traffic, it is vital it is repaired as soon as possible in order to keep this key trunk road fully open for business.

‘I will be asking the Transport Minister Keith Brown for his response to this closure and for an update on plans to prevent future closures or mitigate their impact.’

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5 Responses to Update and photos on A83 at Rest and Be Thankful

  1. In the second picture, is that wire netting in the background, designed to divert/stop/hold back a slippage from the road?

    Did the slip happen below the netting or did the debris just whiz under it? You’ve got to wonder what purpose it serves.

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    • Wire netting, yes, but clearly not designed to act as an impermeable barrier to the low-level ‘slop’ that seems to constitute most of the landslip material in these incidents.

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  2. I dont recall landslips when the road first opened, or for decades after. It just seems to have been a problem in the last ten years or so, or do I just have a bad memory?

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    • I was blocked by a fountain of mud, water & rocks coming out of the trees below the ‘Wee Rest’ one thundery July about 40 years ago. (ps check the MV Coruisk thread)

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  3. It would be interesting to know how often and for how long the road is closed as a result of traffic accidents as compared to landslides

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