Easdale Island Burns Supper

2014 is the 11th Eilean Eisdeal Burns Supper, set to follow in the footsteps of the previous years’ enjoyable evenings.

The event – in the unique Community Hall on the island and om Saturday 1st February at 7.45pm – relies on the support of members and friends both on and off the Island. This year Peat Reek will be providing the music; and Rory Hunter piping in the haggis in some style.

There is a warm invitation to those who have already enjoyed previous Suppers – and to those who have not -  to come along and enjoy a superb meal and an evening of home grown entertainment. [Anyone interested in contributing to the entertainment is asked to let them know - email Jan Fraser: secretary@easdale.org]


  • £12 for adults
  • £6 for 12 – 16 year olds
  • Free for under 12s.

Booking – is essential:

  • email: secretary@easdale.org
  • or phone: 01852 300739.


Go over on the 7.30 pm ferry [it take only a few minutes] and return on the 11p.m.

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14 Responses to Easdale Island Burns Supper


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    • I’ve heard that young Rory’s actually an excellent piper, donald. Apart from that, agreed on all counts. I went over for an Easdale Burns Supper once, some years ago now. Once, and never again! Food – yeeeuck! Addresses – double yeeeuck!!

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 4

  2. This year’s Burns Suppers should be fun. I’m going to one organised by supporters of the Better Together campaign – probably the only time in my life when independence will be the main topic of conversation at such events. Something to savour and enjoy.

    Sadly for Easdale Island, many of the community develop group committee – the organisers of their event – claim to be supporters of Independence. Unless one is pro Indy, I’d avoid it like the plague, especially if Mackenzie is to be present. I also agree with Clootie, above. Having been to a Burns Supper on Easdale Island once myself I can vouch that the food wasn’t very good and the evening not as enjoyable as others that I have attended elsewhere. However, it was a while back now and things may have changed.

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  3. I see that the Puffer Bar on Easdale Island is up for sale. The website states:
    “Please remember when viewing that staff and locals may not be aware that the business is on the market and we would be grateful if you do not talk openly about the business while in the area.”
    I find this a little puzzling as surely any potential buyer would need to speak to locals to find out as much as possible about the bar and local support.
    If my memory is correct, before the current owner bought it, Mike Mckenzie and Donald Melville tried to encourage a community buy-out, possibly because of it being next door to the community hall which also has a bar. I personally felt that the two bars on the island was at least one too many, especially for only around 40 adult residents.
    Any new owner would be well advised to get on well with Eilean Eisdeal, and the current owner who, I believe, is also its chair, especially with regard to events such as the one in this article.

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  4. It’s probably not appropriate to use FA to advertise property otherwise we’ll all be using it for such a service.

    I’m sure that anyone can find the website if they look hard enough.

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      • When I sold a house, some time ago, the buyers spent a day in the area talking to the locals and visiting the pub which they then followed up by spending a week in the area, just to ensure they liked it and there were all the facilities they needed. Why on earth would anyone try to stop potential buyers from talking to locals? Surely anyone reading that statement would find it suspicious – I know I would.

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  5. Long before the current seller took ownership, and the adjacent Community Hall was undergoing repairs, which included the installation of another bar, I remember the Puffer Bar was the venue for many events. It nearly became owned by the Community, but attempts to raise cash from the community failed, and it was sold to the current owner. Many of the locals will remember the wonderfull Puffer heydays, so it is a mystery why the current owner wants to stifle any contact with the locals.

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  6. Rumour has it that the current owner has so thoroughly p*ssed off the majority of the locals that there are no longer any “Puffer heydays”. This probably means that the locals would give the pub a really good press in the hope that a new, friendly and genial landlord will take over. The locals will certainly be vetting and quizzing anyone they suspect to be a potential purchaser!

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    • I know absolutely nothing about the goings on on Easdale but have seen what certain evil bad mouthing residents can do to a local business with their continual gossiping and lying I would therefore have an open mind on the matter. However one must wonder who in their right mind said ‘ don’t tell anyone’ whilst advertising the place for sale in the public domain. That would have half the population knowing about it within minutes.

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  7. Seeing as a large number of the residents (eg. anyone that disagrees with the local development group) have been banned from the pub I expect they will be delighted with a potential change of ownership!

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