How’s this for a good idea?

Ami Harris, mother of the two young Lochgilphead Red Star footballers, Lee and Aron Harris – who, with teammates from Red Star [and courtesy of Sky Sports] – are to have the time of their lives at Hampden this coming Friday night at Scotland’s World Cjp qualifier against Belgium – casually tossed an an idea into conversation about the Hampden gig.

The trouble with young boy racers who lack fear and secure judgement of risk and distance is not a  new one.

The dangers they pose to themselves and others is not new either.

As the grumble of Ami’s car engine betrays, she is something of a car freak, so her mind turns easily to such issues.

Her proposition is that young drivers  – the cost of whose car insurance is something you have to sit down to contemplate – should be given the option of fitting a tachograph to their cars.

If they don’t take the option, they pay the going insurance rates.

If they accept it, fit and maintain the tachograph and can show that they are staying within speed limits and stay accident free – their insurance would fall periodically.

That would incentivise responsible driving.

For Argyll believes that, alongside this sort of strategic incentive, Argyll would benefit from some enterprising investor setting up a mini-moto track.

Speed and physical skills are ultra-attractive to the young – and to the young in spirit, for that matter.

Rather than try to obliterate what is natural, it would make sense to give it a legitimate focus – to enable familiarisation with speed and the acquisition of control skills in a managed, competitive – and affordable – context.

We had thought for years about a campaigning or a karting circuit – there is only one, in Fife, so demand would be good.

However, knowledgeable advice suggests that the financials of a karting circuit – and of karting for enthusiasts – are intimidating.

John Buchanan Chair of the Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club then threw the discussion from four wheels to two  – in the notion of mini-motos and a mini-moto track.

The bikes are for younger and adult riders and are affordable. The circuits are not hugely expensive to accommodate. The skills are pretty awesome.  It’s a great spectator sport – and it can be dirt track and tarmac.

The karting circuit at Knockhill in Fife – as do most karting circuits now – also runs mini moto racing events. There is plenty of room, to everyone’s advantage, for a west coast facility.

There is a Scottish Mini Moto Championships.

Getting this going in Argyll would be investing in something testing and sexy for our young people’s active leisure time here. There is little enough for them here in grannyland – and we could breed some Argyll champions.

Here are some links to play with – on dirt trak and circuit mini motos, on customising models, on mini moto racing and on mini moto and karting.

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