Baillie angered by Transport Scotland refusal to do Erskine Bridge works at night

Local MSP, Jackie Baillie, is warning the Scottish Government that lengthy delays as major repair works on the Erskine Bridge, commencing next week, will cause chaos for motorists and be detrimental to the local economy.

The main phase of a multi-million pound repair works, by Transport Scotland, to replace safety barriers on the Erskine Bridge is expected to start on Saturday 14th September and last for approximately 10 months.

In July, the Labour politician and Shadow Health Minister, wrote to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is responsible for Infrastructure, asking her to consider carrying out some of the works overnight, to reduce disruption to motorists in Dumbarton Constituency who rely on the bridge for easy access to lifeline services.

Transport Scotland responded on Ms Sturgeon’s behalf, stating that this would not be possible due to low temperatures at night and noise pollution.

As a result, single lane traffic will be directed over the bridge from Monday 16th September and for ten months, with a temporary barrier system and delays of around one hour expected during peak hours of traffic.

Jackie Baillie says: ‘Whilst I welcome the multi-million pound improvements to the Erskine Bridge, I am wary that completing this work during the day will cause chaos on our roads and impact on our local economy.

‘People travelling to work, hospital appointments or trying to access educational facilities should not be faced with the added inconvenience of one hour delays on either side of the River Clyde.

‘I will monitor this disruption closely. Transport Scotland need to ensure that traffic is not at a standstill whilst this work progresses and be ready to step in with a plan B if necessary.’

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29 Responses to Baillie angered by Transport Scotland refusal to do Erskine Bridge works at night

  1. Ms Baillie is spot on with her complaint. Delays of ONE HOUR at peak times?! The very nature of the bridge with the river running under it means that for very many workers, public transport is not an option.

    The impact of people who need to commute will be immense, not to mention tourism and people wishing to escape to the west for a weekend.

    A disaster from Transport Scotland.

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    • A disaster is when the bridge falls into the Clyde. Try the tunnel? Clydeside expressway – leave earlier?

      Wasn’t she quiet for the 30 years that the M74 had not been completed under labour and Tory rule!

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      • What about the emergency services such as Ambulances trying to access the areas primary accident and emergency Hospital at RAH, is an hours delay acceptable in those instances? There are public transport links over the bridge as well, what are they supposed to do at peak times?

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        • awsnews – with the new college in Clydebank, people in the Inverclyde area were advised that there was a public transport link from Greenock to Clydebank and this was not going to be an issue with the merger.

          It was no co-incidence that the person defending the transport link, telling us that there would be no impact for students who had to commute to Clydebank was, as well as an SNP candidate, the director of the bus company providing this ‘service’.

          How will students feel about the merger and having to commute to Clydebank on a journey that will take nearly 2 hours each way? a 4 hour commute on top of a full day study?

          i’m sure students will love this – but oh – it’s only a college, and the SNP don’t care about colleges.

          Rant over. :)

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      • Tremendous input there H20. really tremendous and helpful. You would have no problem having an extra 2 hours added to your commute then?

        Your input here shows you really have no idea of the impact of this. A few weeks can be tolerated – 10months however is another matter.

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        • H20 appears to be one of those who isn’t interested in the real world as much as in turning everything into a very childish party political charade.

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      • I stay in Dumbarton and work at HP in Erskine, so Clyde Tunnel not feasible option for me, the slip road has been closed from Erskine to the Erskine Bridge and after finishing work at approx 5.30pm I along with many other colleagues face a 7 mile diversion through Langbank before doubling back to come back to to Erskine Bridge.

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  2. Jackie Baillie ranting and raving again, I didnt hear her saying anything when Connel bridge was shut overnight (how long a detour was that ?) or the A85. Another desperate Baillie stunt to try and win votes. It has to be done now because as stated by the experts September would be to cold to do the work. Whats her plan ? to do it during the day at the height of the busy summer ? LOL I think not

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  3. Kgv.
    It’s probably worth pointing out that Jackie Baillie is complaining on behalf of her Dumbarton constituents.

    The MSP who should have complained on behalf of Argyll constituents, about the Connel bridge and A85, is either Michael Russell or possibly his predecessor Jim Mather.

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    • Dear Robert

      Very much in the real world unfortunately with people like you and jamie black who seem to have perfected how to moan, complain , moan again. Politics? at what point have you characters supported anything of this present government or its agencies.
      The explanation has been given as to the timing of the repairs. Would get completed quicker if the whole bridge was closed. Would you prefer this? Please don’t answer-/ cannot be bothered with your continual carping
      The reason my comment over the M74 extension success was the hours I spent during labours reign sitting around Tradeston in Glasgow on the Kingston Bridge due to the lack of investment in infrastructure.

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  4. I’ll take that on board H20. And from this moment on you will refrain from moaning, complaining and moaning again about Westminster, and anything else?

    And for the record, I fully supported the M74 extension. Despite not seeing a real need for it, the Gourock-Dunoon passenger service is very good, apart from the poor spec of boat. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

    Good night! :)

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  5. I cross the bridge before 6am every morning and don’t think I’ll have a problem.

    I am sure that many could change their
    Transport patterns during the construction to avoid the busiest times.

    It’s amazing how much you can get through when you avoid rush hour

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  6. Ms Sturgeon says…
    “…would not be possible due to low temperatures at night and noise pollution.”

    Noise pollution from the top of the bridge? Is she having a laugh?

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  7. Noise can travel in a curve depending on temperature, wind direction, vibration as well, background noise at night is lower so appears noisier to those trying to sleep etc. think 3 dimensional

    So no laughing matter for those having to put up with the disturbance.

    As stated in a previous post people will have to adapt like any other long term road repairs travelling to and from their destination,- even Jackie Baillie

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      • It’s curious how the noise issue disappears for rail engineering works. They can do any manner of works during the night even when in immediate vicinity to housing.
        Of course, the disruption would be greater, but there must be a tipping point – i wonder how TS made the decision on noise.

        Ah well…the best people to make decisions about Scotland are the people living and working here. As long as that decision suits the decision makers and not the people affected by the decision.

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  8. Feel sorry for folks that travel from Erskine over to West Dunbartonshire for work etc …..that’s one hell of a diversion! if by car fuel bills are going to shoot up!

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  9. I notice that work seems to be on a 9-5ish basis. I passed by at 7pm and the bridge was deserted by workers. Little wonder this will take 10months.

    Also – I’ve noticed workers with high viz jackets sitting on the barriers at each of the approaches, even at night. Any ideas anyone? They are not working, literally just sitting there! One on the M8 East bound at the slip, and one on the A82 at Bowling. Very odd!

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    • Q. If you were observing from Mars how can you tell when the summer holidays starts and finishes every year?

      A. By training your telescope on the setting up and taking down of the road works on the A83 at the “Rest and be thankful”, of course!

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  10. 50 minutes delay tonight 17.35 at St.James arrived at Erskine Bridge at 18.25:(
    Erskine Bridge barrier replacement works are total unreasonable and subject motorist to additional time, additional fuel costs, added stress caused by delays and motorist who queue jump adding to the holdup. Maybe someone can answer who will pick up these costs that have been imposed on me and other motorist?
    GET IT FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. I am having to walk – yes walk in the Dark along a road with NO pavements with NO lighting from the Garden Centre to my work as no one is giving me the extra several hundred pounds that doing that “local” diversion costs! (not to mention all the extra CO2 emissions from the extra fuel burned because of the detour!).

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  12. General up date 12/02/2014. @ 16.40. 3 degrees, NO ONE WORKING ON THE BRIDGE BOTH SOUTH / NORTH BOUND.

    how’s that for progress!!!!!!
    get a move on

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    • The most workers i’ve ever counted on the whole stretch of bridge during this upgrade is 12. Quite often it’s only between 4-8. No wonder it’s taking so long.

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