Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club and West Coast Time Attack test at Kames

Kames 24

Today, Sunday 8th September, saw two car clubs with serious hardware and heavyweight skills do a test session at the Kames racetrack in Muirkirk in East Ayrshire.

Kames 26

As the Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club members rolled up…

Kames 30

… the West Coast Time Attack team, familiar with the Kames circuit, were there waiting for them.

Kames 31

Dave Shaw of Time Attack did familiarisation laps of the circuit for any of the Argyll club who wanted a look-see before taking to the track themselves.

Kames 41

To help us in checking out the best places to catch the cars on the circuit, Dave did a one lap recce with us on board – followed by three fast laps for real. He obviously knows the track well, carving sharp fast lines through a series of challenging bends and gunning it hard on the straight. A custom machine, Dave’s car is fitted with four motorcycle carbs and it can’t half perform.

Kames 36

Examining each other’s kit while getting ready to go, the blokes went all gynaecological again. This gorgeous custom-painted Healey is always a magnet. Open any bonnet in company like this and stand back to make way for the crowd.

Kames 32 Kames 33

In the Cafe / clubhouse, David Alexander got everyone signed in, helmeted and with a Hi-Vis vest for yours truly, about to duck and dive with the camera in the grassy centre of the track.

Kames 37

The cars lined up at the start, with only one car permitted on the track at any given time. They don’t time the laps on test days. They suss out the well surfaced and maintained clockwise track [although it can be run counter clock] and then give it as good as they get.

Kames 49

The young guns of the West Coast Time Attack Club show the way to go. This one took a corner with the front offside tyre almost buried in the tarmac and the diagonal rear one all but lifting off.

Kames 12

The Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club guys were no slouches and here the BMW Z3 got to terms with the track in pretty short order. The rasp and gurgle of engines and the screams of deceleration are compelling.

Kames 42

The smart BRG Mazda Eunos was doing fast laps in no time, coming out of the slow top corner and lifting off down the straight.

Kames 49

The Honda S 2000 repeatedly stung the track into submission, fast into the corners and even faster out of them. It has a variable valve system that lets it rev at 9,000.

Kames 38

Kames 48Now – who has not lusted after a Morgan? This glorious Plus 4 2.0 was described by John Buchanan, President of the Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club, as ‘just three weeks out of the box’. Its owner, John Mason from Balloch, wasn’t initially sure that he would take it on the track because it’s still working up. However, he was second out and we can testify that he was flying. John Buchanan awarded the Morgan theĀ  prize for the day, on the grounds that she deserved to be kept in the manner to which she would rapidly become accustomed. It was a bucket of ‘beauty products’ for a car – a comprehensive car cleaning kit – provided by Michael, Manager of Halfords of Braehead, donated by the store, sponsors of today’s event

Jag Kames

The 3.8 Jag Mk 2 hung on hard to the corners, a lovely car having a lot of fun trackside.

Kames 43

John Buchanan’s own Triumph Stag was never going to be left out of the game and showed off its own classic lines to Kames with some verve.

Kames 35 Kames 34

Those waiting for their place in the rotations on the circuit kept their eyes impatiently on the clock.

Kames 40

The second Healey out for the day, also in great condition, showed its paces.

Kames 6

And the Honda S 2000 kept on coming.

Kames 21

Back at the starting line, this group proved just how responsive the young bucks of Argyll would be to the opportunity a track of this kind would provide – and it is achieveable. If it was in Campbeltown, it would draw people to the town and down to the Mull of Kintyre. If it was in Inveraray in would draw business from a range of directions. If it was in Oban, the Susie Woolf connection would put fuel in its tank. If it was in Dunoon or Helensburgh, both have additional conurbations on their doorsteps, Dunoon with Inverclyde a ferry ride away; and Dumbarton almost an extension of Helensburgh.

Kames 19

Meanwhile [nostalgia] boys did what boys do – invent challenges for themselves and answer them with enviable balance and coordination.

Kames 44

The views from the Kames track make it an attractive place to be. Today’s opportunity for the Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club members to do a test session there was the inspiration of their President, John Buchanan, who is also building productive links with the West Coast Time Attack club.

The Argyll club is a new one, born from the former Friends of the Rest Club, bringing its regular sponsors with it, Deanston Distillery and Walkers Shortbread and, in a stroke of genius, adding ‘sporting’ to ‘classic’ cars. This is making for a lively hybrid of a club, with everyone interested in each others machines.

The club has already done a special hill climb in Glen Shira by courtesy of the Argyll Estates. Now it has done a test session at a race track. Who knows what’s under the bonnet for next time?

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4 Responses to Argyll Classic and Sporting Car Club and West Coast Time Attack test at Kames

  1. John – I am seriously impressed at the rapid turn-around of this article summarising the Kames Kaper! Do you ever sleep?

    Well done on organisating a very pleasant drive (in the sun again) with the eclectic selection of cars,culminating for Geoff and me with 12 laps of the Kames track, where we are pleased to report we didn’t break anything on the Z3 and it got us home with no problems at all.

    Thanks Alan

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  2. For attention of Lynda Henderson

    Hi Lynda

    Great article on the Argyll Classic and Sporting Car club, and a good point you made about doing something similar in Argyll.

    My other reason for writing is to see if I could buy a copy of the excellent photo of my car (Jaguar Mk2) either as a print or a download?


    Tom Brodie

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    • We’re emailing you a full res version now, Tom – with our compliments, in exchange for the fun you gave us seeing your Jag perform on the track.

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  3. Congratulations on the formation of the Argyll Classic and Sporting car club. My friend Rod & I hope to join you as soon as possible. We are waiting with eager anticipation the return of our Audi Quattro after a total restoration. Hope to see you all soon. David Birdsall.

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