The Galley of Lorne and the terrorism of serial planning applications

Galley of Lorne 8

Imagine a young family – two parents, two young children, the youngest weeks old, sinking everything in  a hospitality industry business in Argyll and arriving in late December, at Christmas, to get to grips with what has been a serially failing business.

They are barely there before the pits of the year, January, and are facing a steep personal and commercial challenge to make the business work.

Something like a week or so after they get there, they are hit with a planning application to develop a site between their business property and the loch on which it sits – blocking the view which has always been the businesses attraction, latterly its sole attraction – and upon which the chance of making a success of it absolutely rests.

This is an application the owner of the land had promised the local community she would not make if it supported her application for a house on the edge of the car park of the commercial property now newly owned by the young family in question.

One week before their arrival she nevertheless lodges a planning application for a development on the piece of ground she had promised not to touch.

The family is devastated, seeing financial crisis loom before they have even settled and being propelled into battle mode before they know where they are.

The local community is incensed at the conduct of the owner of the land and lodge objections in some number to the proposal. The new business owners quickly get geared up to fight and together they and the community see off the planning application.

The actuality

This began in December 2006. The land lies between Loch Craignish and the Galley of Lorne Inn in Ardfern, to which the young couple, Andrew and Sarah Stanton, have committed their financial and personal futures.

galley of lorne 17

The business owners get down to serious business development. They invest in and work on improvements to the property and to the business. They markedly  upgrade both the standard of accommodation available at the Galley  – a centuries-old inn dating back at least to the 1680s – and the standard of the food it offers in its restaurant.

They support the Arfern Yacht Marina, understanding the symbiotic relations between the two businesses. The marina needs a good local eaterie and bar for its  largely high-end yacht owners. The Galley of Lorne Inn needs to increase the spectrum and number of its users.

They have understood that, while many residents see the Galley as their local pub and while it serves this purpose, it cannot possibly survive today as a pub business alone.

They say: ‘With 50 pubs closing each week in the UK at current rates, no establishment can survive under the current economic climate on pub trade alone.

‘Figures released by Begbies Traynor showed a 95% rise in ‘critical’ financial problems in the pub sector since the beginning of the year, making the sector the hardest hit of any type of business in the first quarter of 2012.

‘The fact that pubs are on their uppers is not simply a matter for economic concern, as these once thriving hubs of community and regional identity are part of the fabric of British society, and once lost can never be replaced.’

During the years the Stantons have been at the Galley, they have achieved the following increase in its business success:

  • Room occupancy Rates have increased by 120% compared to 2007.
  • In August 2010 and 2011 they achieved in excess of 99% occupancy rate. The previous owner was unable to achieve more than 50% occupancy in the  height of summer.
  • They have had as many hotel residents between January and April 2012 as they had in the whole of 2008.
  • This year it is forecast that there will be 3,500 first time or returning hotel guests.
  • In the first four months of this year, 2013, they increased food revenue by 50% over the same period in any previous year during their tenure.

The Stantons point out: ‘The only reason The Galley of Lorne Inn has survived during our tenure is due to the successful strides we have driven in the accommodation, restaurant and wedding markets.

‘It is these elements that allow the pub to survive, not the other way around.

‘In order to achieve the standards that tourists and residents expect these days, we have invested approximately £250,000 in repairs, maintenance and upgrading.

‘That is, on average, over £40,000 per annum.

‘During all this time, we have taken nothing from the business. We are putting everything back into it.’

The terrorism of serial planning applications

The issue today is that the battle the Stantons fought and with the support of the Ardfern community, managed to win, was not the end of the matter.

Andrew Stanton says: ‘Since we became proprietors of The Galley of Lorne Inn in December 2006, we now face the third planning application on this site.

  • ‘The first [discussed above] was refused after a public hearing.
  • ‘The second was withdrawn…
  • ‘… only to be replaced by the current application.’

He had hoped that the fate of the first application would have set a precedent, giving pause to potential purchasers of the land with development in mind.

But no.

galley of lorne 2

The current application, a revision of one withdrawn a little earlier, is for two domestic properties set in the land between the Galley and the loch, one on each side of it, served by a road running right on and around their southern boundary line, accessing both properties and with a shared turning area for vehicles between them.

The red lined area in the plan above is the land within which the proposed development would take place. If you follow the top line of that area, that is the line of the access road to the two planned properties. You can see the tight proximity to areas of the Galley of Lorne Inn.

The plan below shows the position of the access road – which uses a retained right of way to cut across the Galley’s car park to hug the fence line close to the private quarters of the premises.

galley of lorne 3

By our own measurement, there is a maximum of 9 feet between this road and the bedroom wall of the Stanton’s private quarters at the Inn. And this spatial tightness is in a remote rural location where the tenets of the town are naturally alien.

The access road will come in diagonally from the Galley car park, running virtually on and to the left of the shadow line in the above photograph, going through the first gate, 9 feet from the Stanton’s bedroom on the right, on down through the second gate just visible in the shot, in line with the shadow and then curving right to follow the boundary line.

Galley of Lorne 15

Were this planning application to go through [and there is a meeting of the Planning Committee this Wednesday, 21st August, at which it will be considered], the Stanton’s are facing the prospect of heavy construction traffic coming past, 9 feet from their bedroom wall, first thing in the morning – when their lifestyle in the hospitality industry inevitably dictates late nights and sleeping into the morning.

Then there is the impact of that construction traffic on the business – who is going to want to have their wedding and wedding breakfast guests trek down a long single track road to looking at diggers, spoil soil, scaffolding, and building materials and listening to construction noises and lorry deliveries?

And once the two houses and the road are built, each will block key views for key facilities, the Inn offers from its three premier accommodation suites, to its special restaurant tables, to its entire restaurant – a spectacularly glorious room which also serves as its wedding breakfast room.

Galley of Lorne 10

The Galley is the only establishment in Mid-Argyll capable of seating 120 guests internally and without a marquee.

The Stantons have three wedding reservations for 2014  – and other substantial enquiries. Wedding bookings now have verbal agreements covering the right to cancel with a full refund if the development goes ahead. The enquiries will go no further.

The opportunity for tranquil nights out at the Galley, with a good meal eaten in very special circumstances will be gone. Light and views will both be affected – by the obstructions presented by the two houses and by screening trees planted to shield them.

Galley of Lorne 5

In the case of the best table for two in the restaurant, trees, the new road and one house are a few metres away from the window beside the table, blocking the lateral view across the narrows to an island and with the second house obstructing the view down the loch. The corner table above will have the access road to the proposed houses running right on the fence line visible in the photograph above, screening trees and the blockage of the proposed east side house between it and the cottage in the background.

The Galley’s two best accommodation suites, Arran and Skye will have their views cut by at least half – as will the view in the top photograph above, losing the right hand half of it, cutting the central hill in the distance in half. This will lose completely the openness to the loch and its shoresides that is currently so fundamentally good for the soul. That is what the Stantons have been able to ‘sell’ in building the business at the Galley as they have done.

In the case of the next most popular suite, the Uist, it will see little of the water at all, or of the hillside of the island across the water from the Inn.

The role of a view in specific businesses

While with a domestic property the planning mantra obtains: ‘No one is entitled to a view’, the situation is different where a business is concerned.

There can be no question that the Galley of Lorne Inn’s unique selling point is the wonderful views it offers to its key facilities, the restaurant and wedding function room, with its outdoor sun deck; its best accommodation suites; and its enticing beer garden below. These views have been the Galley’s defining feature for over 330 years. With the west side proposed property in place, to the left of the existing visible property, the beer garden will have no view to speak of.

Galley of Lorne 2

In fact the views are the Galley’s only serious selling point for other than modest local business. It is in a remote place at the edge of the well-to-do village of Ardfern, down a long single-track road and with as far to go again to get to the point at the end of the Craignish peninsula.

It’s well worth the effort to get there when it offers the other worldliness of its timeless views. When those views are blocked by more building in its only remaining open sector, this will be a special place for no one’s wedding and no one’s long weekend treat.

Galley of Lorne 11

There are a host of other worrying practical consequences of planning consent – like the road along its perimeter built to serve the two proposed houses having foundations inevitably deeper than the 18 inches that will see it break up the Galley’s sewage pipes to a reed bed below the houses, above the shore. The photograph above shows the access covers to the Galley’s sewage system. The access road to the proposed new properties runs right on the fence line at right angles to this key services pipe which is not far below the surface.

If this development were to go ahead the Stantons would simply not have a business future here.

It is utterly unrealistic to imagine that, with the specific services it has built up for its target markets, it could overcome the loss of the key amenities provided by the views, the openness, the tranquillity to its sweep over the loch.

Their investment and their future here would equally be obliterated – as would the provision the Galley makes for Ardfern and in support of its other businesses.

All that the Stantons could do would be to put the Galley and its own land on the market for development and clear out.

The irony here would be that if they did this, the first objectors would be the owners of the two properties whose erection would have driven the Stantons to this, the only survival option open to them.

They are terribly stressed at the moment, with the deadline of Wednesday’s planning meeting coming up fast. They know their case is a powerful one but they have no idea who the owner of the land is and so cannot gauge what weight of influence he or she may have. The proposed development is being handled through a legal third party acting for an anonymous owner.

They came here in 2006 and found themselves immediately propelled into a nightmare, facing imminent financial ruin with a serially failed business they had bought to try to regenerate but would have had to sell at a loss before they had been able to improve it.

Now, having stuck it out, seeing the business develop through constant hard work, investment and innovation – like the current and successful month long Galley Gig Music Festival run over  four weekends – they are again facing the prospect of failure – for the same reason: a hostile planning application.

They are looking at having to leave before they have experienced any personal reward from a business they continue to put everything they earn into making stronger.

No business can successfully endure the debilitating erosion of uncertainty at this level – or the need constantly to divert energies that should be building the business into fighting desperately to protect its very survival. This destructive impact is multiplied when a business is in remote Argyll, with the third most dispersed population in Scotland, in numerical decline and ageing.

Successful and investing businesses are crucial to this part of the world. It may be lovely to look at but sustainable economic development is the killer issue.

The developer will rightly be certain that there will be immediate buyers for the two properties under construction. Their virgin location with views virtually untouched by time and their attractive design underpin this.

The inevitable consequent loss of a major local business and the only one in the peninsula to offer such facilities, is of no concern to the developer with profit in mind. Developing is a gamble with voluntarily accepted commercial risk. Unless there is outline planning permission on a property, the risk in purchase is very real. Planners have no obligation to shield anyone from that risk. But that is no consolation to the desperately anxious Stantons.

For the moment, all the family can do is continue to worry and stress out about their future until Wednesday’s planning committee meeting is over.

At that stage they will know what is in front of them, one way or the other.

We would emphasise that this situation is no one’s ‘fault’. But it produces a form of continual torment which is unhealthy and which undermines the spirit and will it takes to make a business succeed.

Is there a case for a substantial moratorium on planning applications for locations where an earlier application has been rejected and which negatively impact on key local businesses?

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45 Responses to The Galley of Lorne and the terrorism of serial planning applications

    • his is correct – but not in the case of businesses where we understand that the issue is a consideration where it is a clear part of the offer of the business.

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  1. seems a bit foolish to buy a business that relies on a view and not to control that view, it happens to lots of people

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 7

  2. Newsie ” where we understand that the issue is a consideration where it is a clear part of the offer of the business” – was this part of a contract? If ‘yes’ then there is a legal remedy. If ‘no’ well as Sam Goldwyn would say ‘a verbal contract is not worth the paper it’s written on’.

    As an aside surely the George in Inveraray is capable of seating 120 inside?

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  3. In the last decade (I think) houses have been plonked down on the shoreside flats to either side of the hotel, and I would have thought that these demonstrate that ‘enough is enough’, that for the good of the landscape there’s been quite enough development already in this area.
    In many countries development on the shoreline and/or between shore and road, in areas of high quality landscape, is discouraged or banned outright.
    In the case of Ardfern the pub was historically the only development on the shore side of the road in this area, and the modern houses shouldn’t be used as a precedent, rather they should be seen as demonstrating all too clearly that there’s already quite enough development ‘creep’ toward the shore.
    And ‘codswallop’ to you Malcolm – the Loch Craignish landscape deserves respect.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 25 Thumb down 3

    • Oh Robert – as always so wrong.
      Having run businesses in Craignish since ’84 and having lived here since ’98 I think I can say I am familiar with the area and the people therein. I would also add that we owned the only local Bar/Restaurant in competition to the Galley for several years, and did that fairly successfully.
      The Galley is in a very enviable and very privileged position compared to most rural Bar/Restaurants in this day and age. There are about 400 people living on the peninsula,very many within a mile radius of the Galley’s front door. In the holiday season these numbers increase considerably right on their doorstep. The nearest opposition is 6 miles away and it certainly does not have the charisma of the Galley’s Bar and with the regular police presence in Ardfern, few people are prepared to drive. The smoking ban was a death nell to the trade of course everywhere.
      However what makes a good licensed trade business is the high quality of the goods on offer and the efficiency and attitude of the staff. A view out of a window is maybe nice to have, but not anywhere near a major consideration
      What I do believe Robert, is that 2 more houses as shown on the plans would make absolutely no difference whatsoever to the viability of the Galley, indeed the occupants would bring in further income. If you look at the aerial photograph of Ardfern you will see that there are houses running from the boatyard down past the Galley to the Church.
      However – this is not about 2 new houses – it’s about a history of multiple personal hates that go back several years and I am surprised at newsie allowing herself to be taken in by this whinging and whining – we heard it all before at that time.
      I have no interest in whether the houses are approved or otherwise. The result will all depend who chats up the Planners the best anyway.
      Incidentally newsie – the planning application which the owners encountered not long after taking on the business was for two low attached single story houses with earth roofs, the frontages of which looked out over the Loch – they would not have been recognisable as houses from the Galley windows nor would they have interfered with the view. The reason they were turned down – see 2 paras above.?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 16

      • I see Mr Kirk that you are ploughing your usual brand of diatribe on this article. Given that you are the proverbial NIMBY, wouldn’t it be better for all concerned that you kept your nose out of the affairs of Ardfern and continued in your quest to stick your nose into everyone else’s business as you so frequently do in Craobh Haven. Whilst you had a blinkered interest in the original application, yet another example of you meddling in something that is of no consequence to you personally, yet again, as you do on a daily basis, you feel it necessary to spout your ill informed, biased, provocative and frankly ill conceived rubbish. You mention whinging and whining, something that you expertly do every minute of every day, making people’s lives in Craobh insufferable. Perhaps it would be wiser to find a better way to spend your evidential free time and let Ardfern fight its own battles without the meddling of petty individuals who have no concept of the real issues and the harm such an application will have on a business, it’s community, other businesses and the wider economic impacts that such an establishment brings. If you were in the proprietors shoes (you wouldn’t admit it), but you would see things in a totally different light and fight to the very end just like anyone else would, not just sit back and deal with the potential aftermath. Your tone and delusional stance only serves as a descriptive of your own persona – a sycophant.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 22 Thumb down 3

        • This guy is always hiding behind something – somebody else’s name now.
          He is to be found at the Bar at 5 pm Monday to Friday – nearer lunch time at weekends. I am just amazed that he could still see the keyboard keys at 1.30 am when he posted this. It’s been going on for years – he is bone idle and therefore just denigrates anyone and everyone who has worked hard and created something.
          Craobh Haven is very peaceful and peaceable and has been for a long time. As only 12 houses are permanently occupied it is actually rare to meet a fellow citizen when out and about – his accusations are just further indication of his own deep bitterness. Unfortunately he is good at ‘spreading it ‘ and of course there are always people willing to listen. I’ve got used to it – it’s no problem. I think however he should have checked the meaning of ‘sycophant’ because it describes him absolutely perfectly – certainly not me, as all too many will readily confirm.
          Back to the main subject. A few years two exciting innovative new houses were proposed for this site which would have not interfered with anyone. As innocents we went to the public meeting to support the application – but not necessarily the applicant who we did not know well.
          However we entered a hall of total bitterness on both sides and where the ‘committee’ had obviously made up it’s mind before we even gathered – we could have saved ourselves 2 hours and not had to listen to the drivel as posted by newsie above.
          There is no doubt that any decision on these 2 houses will not be based on any established statutory planning regulations – because the local planners don’t have any.

          Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 20

          • Very interesting response Mr Kirk. You attempt to admonish yourself by pretending to know who is speaking about you and that their correct judgement is somewhat tarnished by the influence of alcohol. You couldn’t be more wrong. As such I was as sobre as a judge when writing this reply and it is only because I work tirelessly through the day that I only have the time to highlight such diatribe in the wee small hours of the night. I can assure you that I am a long standing citizen of The Craignish Peninsula who doesn’t frequent either bar, except for such sombre occasions as funerals, when the wider community come together as they should also do against this preposterous and potentially catastrophic application. I can assure you I am not bitter. Surely your ramblings only demonstrate your clear bitterness for anything and everything. Yes Craobh is a peaceful place, however it would be a far more peaceful if your sole aim in life wasn’t to meddle in other people affairs. Your constant meddling is always one of the hot topics of conversations in the area and has led to you creating far more enemies than friends. Those who may be willing to listen to your constant whinging, just tolerate it as part of your steadfast persona. Lest to say, that in your poor attempt to deflect my original reply, you have blatantly LIED in your response. As you will recall at the first application hearing there were well over 100 people in attendance at that meeting, most of whom were against the proposal. You claim that you went to the hearing as “innocents”??? – pure codswallop and complete and utter lies. You were / are good friends with the applicant of that time. You even had worked tirelessly for weeks creating a video / presentation with another member of the community. You even were a named speaker on behalf of the applicant. Lies, lies and damned lies and as I say there were over 100 people witness to that. Shame on you.
            The only person that is spouting any drivel on this site is you Mr Kirk. The ‘newsie’ as you put it is covering a story with potential catastrophic consequences for the village of Ardfern. How it is written is of his / her own choice just like the foolish blabberings you offer as comments – something that a belligerent, meddling, self important man like yourself obviously can’t see.

            Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 2

  4. ‘The terrorism of serial planning applications’ – just the completely over-the-top emotive language we’ve come to expect from Newsie and FA.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 9

  5. If they don’t want serial planning applications giving them sleepless nights there’s only one permanent solution; negotiate to buy the plot.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 0

  6. A small scale speculative builder I knew had to tell more than one former customer,”You bought the feu, not the view.”

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

    • If I did drink, I would meet you for a pint, but having to listen to your constant drivel would turn my beer sour. Anyway mustn’t take up anymore of your time, I’m sure you have plenty of other things to stick your beak into today.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

      • from another thread

        “My wife and I holidayed for years in Craobh Haven, we well remember Malcolm Kirk running the Lord of The Isles Bar. Fortunately, he did not last long. If they had installed a “Bullshitometer” at that time it would have been in the Red Zone.”

        Leopards and spots come to mind.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 22 Thumb down 1

        • Thanks for that Stevo’s mate – totally untrue of course – but we are entertaining our fellow readers so I suppose we have to take a little to give a little. It’s almost 5 o’clock chaps ! ! !
          ( Btw it was 4 years 4 months and the most successful period the Lord of the Isles has ever known)

          Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 15

          • This is not about entertainment. That’s trivializing a serious subject to some people, whereas to you it’s just another forum on which you can spout your usual claptrap. Here we go again, claiming to be the most successful landlord of LOTI, by whose standards? Yours of course! You have no idea how successful any other owner has been or are you privé to their books too? That would be sticking the beak in one step too far. Through the course of the day you have been outed (with facts) as a bare faced liar and yet you still continue to peddle your diatribe and make claims that you can’t substantiate. Remain in your castle, protect your castle and leave people to theirs. Find a new course in life and put your time to something more constructive rather than being destructive. Oh and it’s past 5:00pm and you won’t find neither DP or I in the bar. It’s about time someone stood up to your persistent meddling and if nothing else comes of this story, at least it’s provided a forum to show what drives you in life, far and beyond the Craignish Peninsula whose residents already know this all too well.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

          • “I would also add that we owned the only local Bar/Restaurant in competition to the Galley for several years, and did that fairly successfully.”

            “( Btw it was 4 years 4 months and the most successful period the Lord of the Isles has ever known)”

            Look out César Ritz, your crown is in jeopardy

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

        • My fiancee and I holidayed in Ardfern last year and we weren’t even aware of any pub other than The Galley of Lorne in the area.

          Maybe if this Malcolm character had spent more time building his business and less time ranting on internet forum, we would have been able to drink and eat elsewhere whilst holidaying in such a beautiful and romantic place – not that we wanted to venture away from the Galley the food, drink and ambiance were amazing.

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  7. Oh this is getting very interesting reading the personal comments!!
    But as an ex Councillor of many years ago I would imagine that the outcome of the meeting will greatly depend on who knows who and who is prepared to do what it takes to get things done.
    The forgone approval is likely to have already been taken prior to the meeting – possibly in a bar somewhere – probably not in the Galley of Lorne Inn though ( or maybe the irony is that it was)

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  8. I like the way you try to laugh off the fact that for once someone is standing up to your incessant meddling, has demonstrated that you are a complete liar and has systematically shown everyone for what you are, what you do day in day out, and what you stand for through this forum. Retirement is supposed to be about enjoying life, not making others miserable (unless that is of course what you enjoy the most). The link in your post again clearly demonstrates your only desire in life, to lead a personal crusade against others. Yet another video, just like the one you conveniently forgot to mention when you appeared as a so called ‘innocent’ at the original hearing, but in fact were the applicant’s major contributor. So when you’ve left this alone, is it back to your crusade against Corrie House or the new build next door? Just because you were the proprietor of The Lord of the Isles, it doesn’t allow you become a self imposed Lord, or to ‘laud’ it over everyone else. Oh my Lord! Malcolm you remind me of one of my favourite pints ‘Bitter and Twisted’.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  9. Given your delusions of grandeur, surely you’re the one on the hallucinogenics. Yet again you have been ‘PILLoried’! Def- to expose to public scorn or ridicule (just in case you didn’t know).

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  10. How’s the head this morning – have a few extra last night celebrating your new notoriety – a few spliffs maybe to help you get through another day – at least till 5 o’clock.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 1 Thumb down 22

    • Mr Kirk – Your posts and my posts are all over this forum. Everyone of mine has more thumbs up than down. Everyone of yours has more thumbs down than up. A clear indication of how people see you and what they think of the diatribe you conjure up. You seek to cover your own frailties by suggesting I drink to excess, do drugs etc. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many around here that do these things and can spell and be relatively articulate. You have been systematically taken apart on a forum and shown for what you really are and what you have been doing for years – Craobh Haven’s version of Victor Meldrew. As I said before you have been PILLORIED.

      Yours truly, your long suffering wife Norma.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 25 Thumb down 2

  11. Where art thou’ Mr Kirk? All gone quiet on the Craobh front! Forgive me for interrupting yet another video creation highlighting to the Planning Department the wall that is one inch longer than the plans or the decking that was six inches longer than it should have been or the off shade white that should have been brilliant white or any other futile crusade that you see fit to expose today.

    Lest it not be time to retire from the day to day ramblings to every councillor, planner, journalist or anyone else you can distract from their real work. After all these years haven’t you concluded that no one is interested in what you have to say. One can complain too much. The more one complains the bigger the deaf ears become and the more trivial the argument is seen.

    Preserve the old ticker. I have a few suggestions where your time could be better spent. How about becoming an ornithologist? You would be quite at home surrounded by so many other BEAKS. Why not specialise in waders? They have long beaks and trudge around looking for the merest morsel they can find. Or how about taking on the topic of traffic calming? Start a new crusade for more Belisha BEAKons?

    Anyway must dash. My work is done (at least for now), guess it all depends on whether you come back with any futile, churlish or childish comments. Don’t mention drugs etc. again. I have never taken any drugs in my life and never will, as that has been all you have been able to muster to date. I did expect so much more from you. Yet again you have seemingly let yourself down.

    Going down the Lord tonight? If so get me in a pint. Thirsty work all this typing :)

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

      • At no point on this thread could you accuse Stevo of defamation, libel, or even slander (all much of the same thing),whereas on the other hand….? Although I do not know either of the protagonists in this exchange, by the cut of their “quills” or their “qwerty” skills, I know which one I’d rather have a pint with! and I believe that there is a lot more to be added, “ramble on” Stevo:)

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

        • Hi Sokay. Don’t know who you are, as much as no one knows who I am. You never know, we may have already had a pint together. If so a belated CHEERS!

          We all know it will be difficult for Mr K to ever discover his nemesis, after all there are several thousand people in or around Craignish and at some point or another over the last few decades he has upset pretty much everything and everyone with his incessant meddling.

          Nonetheless, whilst I have heard that word has spread like wildfire about this forum and everyone is finding someone finally standing up to him most enjoyable and long overdue, it does need to be let go at some point, so I think it may be apt to finish with today’s weather forecast…

          The sun is shining,
          the sky is blue,
          perhaps it’s because I’m saying,
          what for years everyone else has wanted to

          A deep depression is coming though,
          tempestuous skies,
          biblical proportions of rain,
          Oh no, sorry my mistake
          It’s just Mr K’s tears,
          and sheer look of pain :(

          ENJOY… Au revoir, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, adios !

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  12. Would I be the only one who has eaten there and over many years? It appears with a few exceptions, I might be. The standard of food there has improved since the new owners took over of which I had no idea. The Craignish view isn’t so wonderful but if ever the standard of food preparation was to drop, then they would have a problem. I just hope that the owners put this aside and continue to do the things they have been doing so well.

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  13. At first I thought this trivia was funny til I was walking home, after a drink at the Lord and chatting with one of the few who regularly suffer being talked at by Malcolm, when he asked whether I was Stevo! Now I think it’s hilarious, if a bit sad on Malcolm’s part. No Malcolm, you’re going to have to clip the peg on that big nose and wade though the mire to find Stevo!

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    • On behalf of Mr Hayter, I can assure you Mr K that ‘Stevo’ is not he… It’s meeeeeee :) I hear on the grapevine that this forum is a hot hot topic both sides of the peninsula and causing great hilarity at your expense for which I will not lose any sleep, for you have brought this on yourself following years of busy-bodying, but we must not forget that in itself it is a very serious topic which fortunately seems to have ended in the right and just conclusion (at least for the time being). However, it has become apparent that you are desperately trying to uncover who your nemesis is, but remember everyone knows you only have yourself to blame. There was a very clear clue at the end of my reply to yet another barrage of your diarrhoea in point 18. Only joking, but you’ve got to admit Norma must have been more than a bit embarrassed over the years by your incessant interference in anything and everything, that quite simply is none of your business. Seriously though, your inept attempts at identifying who has been behind your ‘outing’ (N.B. I only use this word in non sexual sense) only means that your beak must be a bit off colour at present. I may now change my alias to Mr K’s nemesis if ever there is a future requirement. Of course if you decide to take my advice and retire from your futile crusades then it will not be necessary and the whole of Craignish Peninsula’s residents can concentrate on the more meaningful things in life and be left alone to appreciate the beauty on our doorstep. The choice is yours! Adieu…

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